Feast Your Eyes

“Feast Your Eyes”
(SCENE) Metrospace Lansing MI opening night Saturday Jan 28 (6-10pm) show runs through March 5th
“Feast Your Eyes” explores artwork that incorporates food subject matter that relates to the contents, importance, and production of food in our culture.

303 Abbott Road, East Lansing, 319-6832

The opening night reception includes a special interactive cooking preformace, live experimental electronic band, + free food. All ages welcome, and food themed costumes are encouraged.

I have a couple of food themed collages in the show, all of my breads, and a big blue cake. I really wish I could go..sounds like lots of fun! Anyone in the area stop by and take lots of photos!


Here is some yarn I spun this morning. I don’t have anything exciting to talk about today except my glasses came in! I ordered the frames online, so now they just need to be fitted with lenses and I can start seeing again. My old glasses broke a few months ago and I didn’t want to get a new pair until I could find a pair I really liked. Not good considering I am legally suppose to wear my glasses while I drive. The thing that has bothered me the most is trying to watch a sub-titled movie. I couldn’t sit on the couch, I would have to get close and lay on the floor (we have hardwood floors so its not very comfortable)

Yarn + Breakfast foods..

I added some new yarn to the shop today. I have been spinning a little more then normally. I like switching around between sewing/spinning/painting etc. I am in awe of people who just focus on one set thing. I could never do that.

I also added two more toaster purses to the shop, and will be adding two more on Monday. Today the kids are off school for a teacher in-service day. So we have library plans, and then hopefully to the big spinning shop so I can pick up some more wool. I ordered 5,000 new business cards yesterday…I have been out of cards for so long! I really wanted to get the rounded corners, but that would have been an extra $100, and I just could not justify that.

I hope to check out the book Housekeeping after reading Alicia’s lovely entry about it. When she said “ For so long I’d felt like Housekeeping was my book, somehow — a secret I shared only with those I trusted completely, and I would offer it up to them two-handed, with an earnest, twitching hopefulness: Love this (and me), please. ” I was so stunned, because this is precisly how I feel about my most favorite books! Like little secrets that I never wanted to share, except of course with someone most special. :) Such a beauitful entry!

While on the subject of books a couple of friends of mine have created book groups online. One on livejournal ReadWriteRecite and one on Myspace Reading Repartee