The Factory (where are my elves?)

The My Paper Crane house has been filled with plushies + more plushies. Everyday is like a little factory. Assembly lines of burnt toast, and milk cartons line the table in the art room. I am trying to get everything made + shipped for current orders, and I will have a shop update sometime tomorrow. Which will include new yarn, peanut butter + jelly dolls (although I only have a few) and might have a toaster purse or two if I can get them finished tonight.
Its cold + chilly out, but still no sign of a good snowfall. We are going to get our tree on tuesday (if I can hold out that long)
♥ handknit socks
♥ egg nog flavored coffee creamer
♥ new books to read
♥ warm tights
♥ candycanes
♥ the smell of burning wood!
♥ holiday stamps
Wish me luck in the sewing department, as I have those two shows fast approaching! I can’t wait to get back up to Boston though. We are staying for a few days so we can enjoy it, without rushing back.

Heidi Kenney
PO Box 863
Waynesboro, PA 17268
What does the name “My Paper Crane” come from?
The first time I tried origami, I was making a paper crane. When I was finished I was so amazed that a simple square of paper could be turned into something so beautiful! The name My Paper Crane tries to embody that thought, the idea of taking something simple (wether it be fabric, paper, etc.) and turning it into something amazing.

Hello I am Heidi Kenney, a self-taught artist who creates plush and 3D soft sculptures, happy (& sometimes very sad) plush veggies, donuts, toilet paper rolls, and other everyday food & household items. I was born in Washington DC, and currently lives in Pennsylvania. I started my company and website, My Paper Crane, in 2001 so I would have a place to blog and showcase the plush toys I was making. I have worked closely with Kidrobot to create keychains, pillows, and clothing based on my food designs. Yummy Donuts, Yummy Breakfast, and Yummy Dessert.

My work has been featured in the New York Times, The Boston Globe, and Print magazine. I have participated in group exhibitions across the globe including Tokyo, Australia, and The United Kingdom. I recently had my third solo show in Chicago IL. I’ve gathered some of my press from the last 9 years below if you’d like to take a look.


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