2012 12 months in about 12 photos

I apologize in advance, but I never can narrow it down to 12 photos anymore! You can find my end of year posts for 2011, 2010, and 2009 by clicking on the dates. Looking back at them makes me wish I had done one every single year (I will have been blogging for ten years in May)

2012 was a year of…
+many tattoos including my Annalee/Mom tribute tattoo
+the Kidrobot/Yummy line expanding to include Barnes & Noble and select Target shops and actually seeing them in a store
+the very first official Crafternoon
+a new Hayao Miyazaki movie to love
+a Minecraft party for a certain nine year old that included a creeper pinata that almost made me insane while I was making it
+terrarium necklaces and lots and lots of tiny hand stitching
+The Disney cruise to The Bahamas and Universal for Hogwarts! This trip of course also resulted in B’s first broken bone, his arm
+a fun new way to dye eggs
+mr. Sirius no longer looking like a puppy, but sure still acting like one
+trip to Philly for Art Star with Amanda where she told me she was pregnant (she was afraid I’d buy her coffee before I knew and I totally would have haha)
+finally going to see the new Mister Ed’s our first time there since the big fire, and it looked amazing
+roadtrip with my sister Heather all the way to Georgia, so many miles, so much fun
+our second time at a hot air balloon festival and we still to this day have never seen a balloon in the air haha, weather always creates a problem
+re-doing the downstairs bathroom, I was sore for days and days but I am so happy with how it finally looked when it was done
+visit to the Beistle factory & archives, cant ever forget it
+and Crafty Bastards-new location but best show ever
Besides these highlights 2012 was also the year that Kurtis got his acceptance letter from Penn State University Park, we are so proud of him!! We had some scary times like Tom’s car accident, but he wasn’t hurt so I feel really lucky about that. Tom also took his first overseas trip to Coppenhagen on his own (before he has always been traveling with some one) thank goodness for wi-fi facetime. 2012 is the year I lost 50 pounds with a lot of hard work spent at the ymca on the elliptical and watching what I was eating by using weight watchers phone app. I’ve still got more I’d like to loose (these last few weeks have been holiday debauchery for sure) so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with the new year. I also decided instead of creating big year long resolutions that I would do monthly goals/bucket lists of 4-5 things I’d like to get done that month. Bigger goals and small ones too, i’ve got a roll of film to send in for development that I’ve been putting off long enough. Do you make new year’s resolutions? I’d love to hear what you do when a new year starts!