18 years ago today…

18 years ago today I gave birth to my oldest son. I had just turned 18 two weeks before and kept hoping I’d turn into an official adult before he was born. Kurtis was actually two weeks late and so I was going in for a planned induction. That sly guy knew I wanted him to wait.
Kurt was born 10lbs 11.5 oz and had a fractured collar bone as a result of his large size (B was almost ten pounds too and induced 2 weeks early so I must be meant to birth the big babies)
I had to dig deep in my vault of photographs because 18 years ago I didn’t have a cell phone, computer, or real camera. It was a disposable camera kind of time, and I don’t have many photos from when he was a baby because of it.
He was an amazing kid, always dressing himself in whatever he liked, and never caring what anyone else thought of it. Obsessed with brightly colored sneakers long before it was cool (especially in our little town), super smart and always blowing me away by how well he did in school. Sweet and caring, not ashamed to cry during sad movies. I remember the first time it was while watching Mac and Me, and he was so upset that something was going to happen to Mac. I’m pretty certain he might cry over Mac, and I love that about him.
I know he’s going to be an amazing adult, and we are already so proud of him.
I know I don’t post photos of my children on my blog, I’m really highly guarded when it comes to my kids, maybe overly so….but I’m okay with that. Thanks for letting me share a little trip down memory lane with these old photos.

Birthday Fun


On Monday I celebrated my 36th birthday! First we all went out to breakfast so I could have a blueberry pancake, then Tom had to head to work, but B had off school for a teacher inservice day.
So we went to The Round Barn for apples, to feed the donkeys, and buy a bunch of mums. Next we stopped at Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum to check on the elephants, get a little candy, and stroll through the little forested area.
In the evening we met up with some friends at The Big Oak cafe for dinner followed by fondue. We had the pumpkin which is seasonal & so good, and the chocolate, which I am not a big fan of.
Ended the evening which was really chilly under my Halloween quilt with coconut cake Tom brought home.

Cat Party

cat party
cat party
Yesterday was B’s Cat themed party, and it was a pretty silly event. The cake was a litter box cake (i’m sure you’ve seen these before, but always entertaining!) B isn’t a big cake fan so he wanted a brownie cake. I bought a new tub type dish and cat scoop (which was just for show) and ran them through the dishwasher. Then I made a big pan of brownies. When cool the brownies were turned over into the tub, and frosted with chocolate frosting. Then the litter is made from running some of the vanilla sandwich cookies in the food processor with just a little green food coloring. It really ends up looking like litter! To top if off you heat a few tootsie rolls in the microwave for about ten seconds and shape. Turns out very realistically, and people might be reluctant to eat it. Though once you cut it up and start putting the brownies on plates, it’s a lot easier to stomach.

We made cat shaped pizzas, and had funny names for all the foods like “hair balls” for cheese balls, “catnip dip” for spinach dip etc.
cat party
cat party
cat party
We only played one game because the kids mostly wanted to play out back with a bunch of nerf guns & silly string, which was fine by me. Tom made a bunch of balloon animal cats, and it was mostly lots of us adults sitting around chatting it up.
cat party
cat party
Instead of regular goodie bags I had the idea to use up some canvas totes I had leftover from a previous crafternoon. I scanned a kit-cat clock box for the image and then printed them out two per page onto printable iron on paper. I always pick the one designed for dark fabrics even when ironing onto a light color, because it just seems to be a nicer thicker iron on. Then I ironed one onto each bag, and made a bunch of silly cat pins using vintage images of cats. I figured if the kids got bored at the party they could make a bunch of their own pins, but we never even had to do that. Instead the tote bags worked out well for collecting pinata loot, and storing their prizes from the game.
Even once the actual party was done there was a sleepover with a viewing of The Cat Returns so the cat theme carried on without even meaning to!