ten years old

Yesterday my little guy turned ten years old. Double digits and there is no denying that this last decade has flown by in the blink of an eye.
I can’t believe how grown up he is, yet I am not quite ready to share him with the world. You’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you he is one handsome fella. For now I will keep him for just us alone, because we will blink again and he will be an adult out in the world and all over the internet like we all are now a days.

We celebrated by going out to dinner and then to see Oz at the VIP theater with the big cushy reclining seats. His cat party is tomorrow so we’ve got a little more celebrating to do.

17th Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Kurt’s 17th birthday, and his birthday fell on a Saturday this year! Since next year he will be away in college this was his final big birthday party (here at home at least) The theme was a Saturday Night Cartoons party, so I filled the pinata with cocoa’s, cereal bars, milk straws, and Wacky Packages cereal boxes.
We had quiche, egg stuffed croissants, pumpkin scones, and lots of cereal. Kurtis doesn’t like cake so his “cake” was a cereal-marshmellow cake. I made it with a combo of melted dandies marshmallows and rice mellow creme (earth balance too) I find the combination of the two make great marshmallow treats! Ten of his close guy friends came over for cartoons, and spent the night. It was a fun time!

Apple Picking

On my birthday I decided I really wanted to go and pick some apples. It was an amazing day, sunny with a beautiful sky…but extra chilly so you wanted to bundle up in scarves and sweaters. My favorite kind of weather.

We went to Baugher’s in Westminster MD, my favorite place for pick-your-own. Their mascot is just the best! You get to ride in a cute little tractor pulled trolley to the apple orchard, and that part is free. They do the same thing when we come to pick strawberries and peaches, but it never gets old.
Then of course there were the gorgeous pumpkins! Every year come fall I am determined to grow pumpkins, next year I am doing it! We did have one pumpkin this year, but it shriveled up and died, it was pretty sad, and then no more grew. Lucky for me I can go pick up beautiful pumpkins that others have grown, but next year–next year I will be a pumpkin grower!
Anyhow it was the most perfect start to my birthday which consisted of cake for breakfast, apple picking, apple cider slushies (yep they had these at Baugher’s…so good!), fabric shopping, then opening up my exciting gifts, putting together legos, and ending the night by watching 1001 Classic Commercials(we didn’t actually watch all 1001 because that is 16 hours, but we did watch all the toy commercials, it was lots of fun)