Two exciting places are open locally, and are pretty new to me! My friend Molly discovered French Macarons sold locally! Before I knew about this place, the nearest spot for macarons was just outside of DC.
Also our Borders bookshop closed down and we figured the building would remain empty and sad for a long time, but were excited to discover a new bookshop has opened in it’s place. Beside’s books they sell records, cds, movies, and its all a mix of new & used (so you can sell your stuff to them as well) They also carry some Kidrobot toys (my keychains too) and other little designer toys. As much as I love Amazon and Wonderbook (which is our big local used bookstore) I’m really happy to see another bookshop pop up in the area.

Thrifting Thursday – Cookery Books

Today I thought I’d share two thrifted books. The book on the left is a cooking-clips book, or a book filled with files for storing recipes you clip out of magazines and newspapers. I love it, but I also wish it came filled with recipes. I loved reading old clippings like that. There are so very strange vintage recipes out there indeed!
The next book Praise for the Cook is a promotional cookbook that was released by Crisco in 1959. It has the best illustrations, and look at that cute little tub of crisco!