The Ceramic Shop

My friend Lesley and I took a trip to The Ceramic Shop here in PA. While it’s not a bad drive, its a little over two hours so not something we would do very often. We had so much fun looking at all the glazes, underglazes, and clays. In the end we each bought a small bag of blue porcelain clay to try out, and split a bag of very dark brown clay called Brown Bear. Looking back on this mini road trip reminded me that I never posted about my time at NSECA (the ceramic convention in Pittsburgh) so I am going to work on gathering up my photos to share from that trip. It’s always so much fun to look at all the possibilities when it comes to ceramics. So many things to explore!!

Slip Transfer

One of my favorite techniques to do on pottery is called slip transfer. You start off with a green piece of pottery. Green means it has not yet been fired. I like to build my pottery and then begin the transfer process, I don’t like the pottery to dry out much at all before transferring my design.
You take newsprint (newspaper works too) and I like to draw out my image with a pencil. Then using black underglaze in a bottle with a tiny point I make my drawing. If I’m doing color I will fill in each section in reverse order allowing every color to dry in between.

When my transfer is dry I coat the whole thing with white slip (this is like a very watered down smooth clay) and I coat my pottery form with slip too. I allow each of these to dry just slightly. It begins to have a look of velvet texture to it. Then you press your transfer onto your form, and rub, and roll and take peeks to see how the image is transferring.
Its such an interesting process and usually has a neat texture to it.