Pottery Stuff

Just some pottery from my last couple of shop updates. I’ve still been very interested in creating work using slip transfer where you draw and paint your designs onto newsprint and use slip to transfer the image onto the clay. It leaves such a neat textured appearance.

Snowman Class

Just the other night was my snowman napkin ring class at the Ceramic Guild. I taught eight students to each create a set of six napkin rings, and they all did such a great job.
I baked up two different kinds of bars as treats and played classic Christmas music to get us all into the holiday mood. I know its early but when it comes to the long process of firing ceramics, you have to get a head start.

At The Ceramic Studio

I’ve still been making spooky ceramics even though Halloween is quickly approaching. Witch mugs are never out of season! My friend and I decorated the studio store for Halloween with some black contact paper cut outs, and some honeycomb paper decorations. Feels downright festive!