More Ceramics

On week days I have been spending a few hours each morning working at the ceramics studio. It has really become one of my favorite ways to start the day. So far I always have the studio to myself too, and so I just play music and putter around trimming pieces I threw the day before, glazing stuff, throwing. It’s been really lovely. The bowl at the top is a newer piece, and I’ll have to get photos of the outside of the bowl soon.
One of the first things I wanted to try after I joined the guild was experimenting with paper resist. I made a quick slab plate and tray because I was so eager to try it out. I cut my shapes from an Ikea catalog, and then went over them with colored slip. I chose the blue and yellow because they were the only colored slip the studio had that I could use right away. Everything else seemed dried out.

After the bisque firing I went back in with an underglaze pencil and drew in my witch, raindrops, and scallops. I love how the pencil turns out. Then I glazed it in clear and you can see it after the final firing below. I still haven’t glazed and fired the skeleton plate yet, but hope to do that soon.


We have a ceramics center here in town and I have always toyed with the idea of joining the guild. My son and I took a day class and it was so much fun, so then I signed up for the five week wheel throwing course. Once I started I knew I would join the guild for sure. I am still such a beginner, but I am enjoying the time I spend in the studio immensely! I want to experiment with every technique I can find, and I’ll be sure and post photos again soon with my progress.