Winter Wonderland

Despite the holidays being the busiest time of the year, I did set aside time to make special fabrics. First I made a blow mold and matching vintage stocking set, and then I made one with some silly winter time friends. I even got a chance to sew myself a Bruce tote to hold all my tape, scissors, gift labels etc. and it worked perfectly! I didn’t mind leaving it out somewhere because it looked fun and festive, and I never found myself hunting around for gift wrap supplies.
You can find these designs over at Spoonflower available on fabric, gift wrap, and even wall paper if you have a special Christmas room that needs a makeover.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! I know my blog has been pretty quiet through out the whole holiday season, but I am hoping to play catch up over the next few weeks.
I came down with pneumonia right after Halloween, and it really knocked me out much more then I expected. Besides making sure I was caught up with my normal work stuff (POM, license design stuff, etc.) there just wasn’t a lot of time left for blogging.
Here are a few peeks from our home this holiday season. We did our normal white tree, and real tree. This year’s real tree was extra skinny to fit into a space without moving furniture around, and it worked out well!
I’ve been enjoying these few days after Christmas to clean up my computer which was loaded down with three years worth of photos. I ordered prints, made a slideshow dvd, and now I am looking forward to starting a new year (and promising myself to be a bit better with photo organization, but we will see ;)


Before Christmas we sat down to decorate “gingerbread” houses, Since we never eat our houses I cheat and use hot glue to assemble them ahead of time. Then you cover the glue with frosting and it looks just as good, but you don’t have the waiting time you do using icing.
This year we also used the squeeze-cheese can type of icing that comes with a few different tips. We were all surprised at how well it worked for holding on the candy! Once stuck on, we didn’t even have to hold the heavy pieces in place or anything. I’d use them again for sure.