Sunday Links – Baltimore MD


Yesterday was Pile Of Craft in Baltimore MD. If you’ve never been out to the show, you should check it out for sure (Holiday Heap is the next one I believe) The venue is a beautiful old church located at 2640 St Paul Street. From the 2640 Website2640 is a noncommercial, cooperatively managed space for radical politics and grassroots culture, located at 2640 St. Paul St. in Baltimore’s Charles Village Neighborhood. The project was started as a joint venture between Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse and St. John’s United Methodist Church, but we’re actively seeking new individuals and organizations who are interested in using the space on a regular basis as members of the cooperative.


The church is gorgeous inside! My sweet Katie came to hang out & help me at the show. We haven’t been able to hang out for so long, so it was so good to see her. She came up Friday night and I made her dinner and a cake, we got out our old paper piecing quilts and started (re-watching) Pushing Daisies. It was a really enjoyable Friday & Saturday.


After the show we met up with our friend Jenn to get some food at Papermoon, which reminds me so much of The Friendly Toast in Boston. We all ordered breakfast for dinner, which is always the best choice for any dinner really.


I thought I’d leave you with a few links of my favorite places in Baltimore…
Atomic Books-This is where I had one of my book signings when my book came out. Rachel, Benn, and Lauren are awesome…go buy some amazing books & toys. While you are there make sure to head to the back of the store to Celebrated Summer and get some records from Tony.
The American Visionary Art Museum Always has amazing exhibits, but the best exhibit I ever saw there was of Paul Spooner’s mechanical automata work. I’ve been such a fan of his since I found and put together paper automata from his books Museum of the Mind and Spooner’s Moving Animals.
and while it might be a little early to start thinking about Halloween…The Great Halloween Lantern Parade which we’ve been lucky enough to attend a few times, has always been amazing!
Have you been to Baltimore? What’s your favorite places to visit?

How To Tuesday – Vintage Tennis Racquet Cork board


I got this vintage tennis racquet in a box of other thrifted goodies that I was buying and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. It is super cute, and I could of just hung it on the wall..but I decided to turn it into a simple cork board, here’s how.


You’ll need:
-tennis racquet
-paper & pencil
-black marker
Glaziar Push Points or glue gun


First lay a sheet of paper under your tennis racquet and use the pencil to draw a dotted cutting line by going in between the string.


Cut out your paper template and make sure it fits pretty snugly into the frame of your tennis racquet. Then trace the template onto your cork using a black marker. Cut the cork out with scissors.


Fit cork into the back of your racquet and push a few of the glazier push points around the inside edge to hold the cork snugly against the string of the racquet. This way when you turn it over to hang it, it will still be easy to use the cork with push pins, but the strings of the racquet still show. If you don’t have push points on hand you can also use a thick ring around the outer edge of glue from a glue gun, however this would be much harder to remove if you ever decided to use the racquet for a different project.


Want even more ideas for old tennis racquets? How about…
Turn a vintage tennis racquet into a mirror
or turn a vintage tennis racquet into a jewelry display
Add a thread heart to a badminton racquet