October Crafterween

Crafterween (my annual Halloween crafternoon) was last weekend. We made spooky apothecary bottles for decorations using bottles, and all sorts of spooky labels. My friend Heather made a baked mummy brie, and my friend Lindsey made a pumpkin shaped cheeseball for the occasion. You can see our costumes from left to right…Brittany was Bee from Bee & Puppycat, Lindsey was cotton candy, Katie was Mary Poppins, I was Little My, Heather was a cereal killer, and Molly was Ash from Pokemon.
That orange colored hair spray was a pain to wash out, but the stiffness helped hold my hair up in that kooky bun of hers. I’m still not sure what I’ll dress up as for Trick Or Treating but I’ve got a few ideas!

July Crafternoon

Crafternoon for July was a craft we have tried to do two different crafternoons, and each time it has rained. Solar dyeing using Lumi’s inkodye. It was starting to feel like a real cursed craft, even this time as over half of the attendees had to cancel right before the day. Then it was calling for rain! But the rain held off until after we got some items exposed, and I can’t wait to try it again with the leftover dye packs I have.
At first I tried making a pumpkin drawing with black marker on a transparency (I was ill prepared since I was expecting it to rain) that wasn’t very successful since it didn’t sit flat against my tote bag, so I tried again using cut paper and that one turned out really well. The Transparencies that my friend Stevi used also gave really great results, so I think I’ll have some made for the next time I try it out.
We did white elephant gift swap as always. I wrapped my gift in a tote bag I got off Zazzle. I like to pick up cute stuff for white elephant whenever I see things, and I got a few of these totes last Christmas when they had a huge sale.

May Crafternoon

May’s crafternoon was going to be making prints using solar ink, but the forcast began calling for rain all day long so the night before I had to come up with a quick alternative craft that was pretty inexpensive. I decided we could make bubble prints (dish soap, paint, and straws) It took a little bit to get the hang of, and longer then I expected for them to dry, but they were actually fun to make. I made a freezer box cake since it was Lesley’s birthday and she had said cold cakes were her favorite.