August Crafternoon

Yesterday’s Crafternoon was a lot of fun, our last one before the school season starts (and fall/halloween crafternoons begin!!) Jessee made pumpkin chai macarrons and Molly made veggie salsa cream cheese wraps. We had potato soup, bread, and I tried to make a pavlova again (but it wasn’t as airy as the last time)

We made hairbands and look how cute Emily’s fabric is on a hairband. I’m excited to wear the ghosts for halloween :) :)

July Crafternoon

Yesterday I held my July Crafternoon for nine of my lovely lady friends. For this one we carved rubber stamps to stamp onto reusable grocery bags. Luckily we only had one finger slice, although I would have preferred no one leave with a wound, it was pretty good considering we used exacto knives. You can see poor Katie with gauze on her finger in these photos. You may also notice she switched to an apple after her injury :( Molly brought the apples for cutting/stamping which was perfect!

I made a fake-chicken rice soup even though it’s Summer. Soup is just easiest to feed a crowd, and was easy to make gluten-free for one of my guests. I did however make a gluten filled loaf of no-knead bread, but I’m not sure how to make GF bread so it could of been disasterious if I tried. I also made a Fruity Pebble cheesecake because that was easy to make GF. I just used a GF recipe for NY Cheesecake and made the crust from crushed fruity pebbles. Swirled some into the batter and added them to the top. This also disguised the crack that formed quite nicely!

Tasha made vegan chocolate chip/cream cheese pumpkin bread, it was of course amazing. Meri made a salad of tomatoes, mozzarella, and olives…called “snackies” which was perfect to break up the sugar coma, Molly made a cake batter dip for animal crackers and strawberries (yep cake batter dip!) and Paige brought a peach cobbler cake (and the pan was empty at the end of of the night).

It was so much fun and I can’t thank these ladies enough for coming every month!
**Speaking of hand carved stamps did you see the Geninne’s book Making an Impressioncomes out Oct. 2nd!! She is the queen of hand carved stamps, no question about it!

June Crafternoon



Yesterday was June’s crafternoon meet up at my house. I made a big pot of southwestern veggie chili the day before. I made a few changes using black beans instead of red, only adding 3 cups of broth, and some tvp. I really liked it and would make it again for sure! Oh I also used my submersion blender to blend just a bit of the chili, but not too much so there were still plenty of chunks.


We made God’s Eyes out of a variety of yarn and dowel rods, I loved seeing everyone’s color good!





Jenn brought cupcakes, and Molly made a watermelon lemonade…so very good!


I made my first Pavlova with raspberry sauce and fresh berries, I’d say its like a mix in taste & texture between angel food cake and a meringue. I will definitely be making it again.