March Crafternoon

For March’s Easter crafternoon I made my annual Easter mixed cd. I love gathering songs for it, but sometimes making the cover is even more fun. For the craft we covered boxes and suitcases with decoupaged paper or fabric. I made three kinds of scone for the food, one savory, two sweet. I covered a mini suitcase I had with some of my Gran’s sewing box fabric and use it to store rick rack and bias tape since its so appropriately decorated. We also had an adult easter egg hunt with eggs filled with chocolate, keychains, magnets, and alcohol minis.

February Crafternoon

Crafternoon from way back in February was cutting paper to create images, lots of florals. This was a fun one that most everyone seemed to get into. I made a baked cheese dip, had stuff for dipping and pastries. This one I ended up turning my flower headed gals into fabric, and even ended up making some ceramic versions too.

January Crafternoon

Way back in January we made candles using candle making supplies, and all kinds of cute vintage tea cups, jars, etc. This was actually one of my least favorite crafts that we have made to date and I’m still not entirely sure why. I had to get these photos from Molly because I didn’t even get any of the craft. I think it was a bit on the boring side because one person had to deal with the wax for everyone, so it was less of a make your own sort of crafty project. I am glad to have tried it in a group setting, but I think I would like candle making is best as a solo craft.