December Crafternoon (rewind!)

Allow me a quick rewind back to December. I have been going through my old crafternoon photos and realized I never posted anything from December! So here is a look back to the house all decorated for Christmas. We made fabric and paper stars, the fabric turned out a bit easier to work with, it just requires a lot more prep then paper strips.

February Galentine Crafternoon

This past weekend we had our Galentine Crafternoon, and we made illustrations from cut painted paper. I really loved making this craft, you might remember I used to make all kinds of stuff out of cut paper. Most of my first fabric designs on Spoonflower were cut paper illustrations which I scanned in.
We also did a Secret Galentine swap which was so much fun! Molly had my name and you can see the amazing presents she got me over on instagram here. I bought goodies for Lesley and I wish I had gotten a photo-it included a fun Sherlock zip bag from Society6 since she loves that show, A Sookie from Gilmore Girls Pop figure, salted caramels and a few other treats.
For food we had assorted pastries, cupcakes, and dips including Brittany’s famous pickle dip. I’ll have to get the recipe to post here. She has made it a few times and you can see the empty bowl in the first photo above. I know it contains cream cheese, fresh dill, and dill pickles (that might be it ha!) but it is so good!

Crafterween 2016

October’s crafternoon (or crafterween) is always my most favorite! I like the planning, the spooky food, the fact that the house is all decorated, and everyone comes in costume. While this is not all the costumes, it gives you a good idea. We worked on Halloween themed cross stitch (which turned out not to be everyone’s favorite hobby) but the last couple of crafts (felting and the weaving) went over really well, so I think it was time to end up with something was not everyone’s cup of tea. The good thing is even if someone doesn’t end up liking/making the craft there is plenty to eat and sit around talking about. We had so much food this crafternoon, it was an insane crafty Halloween feast!