Crafterween 2016

October’s crafternoon (or crafterween) is always my most favorite! I like the planning, the spooky food, the fact that the house is all decorated, and everyone comes in costume. While this is not all the costumes, it gives you a good idea. We worked on Halloween themed cross stitch (which turned out not to be everyone’s favorite hobby) but the last couple of crafts (felting and the weaving) went over really well, so I think it was time to end up with something was not everyone’s cup of tea. The good thing is even if someone doesn’t end up liking/making the craft there is plenty to eat and sit around talking about. We had so much food this crafternoon, it was an insane crafty Halloween feast!

September Birthday Crafternoon

September Crafternoon was a mix of crafternoon & a birthday party to ring in the final year of my 30’s. My friend Lesley made me a red velvet cake, and we made little needle felted things. This was my first time needle felting and I love it! It was so much easier then I ever imagined, and I have made a few more items since then. I made the Little My and still plan on making a little felted Moomin to go with her some time soon.
I made slow cooker pumpkin spice lattes (really excited about the whole yummy coffee drinks for a crowd in the slow cooker and plan to do it more!) It was a lovely afternoon crafting and eating treats, a perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

August Crafternoon

For August’s crafternoon we did jewelry making from a mixture of shrinky dinks and iron ons. The food was breakfast themed, and unfortunately I didn’t take very many photos at all! I made three kinds of quiche, and banana bread but there was all kinds of fun things that people brought. Raspberry danish, bread pudding made out of donuts, donuts from Diablo Doughnuts in Baltimore, coffee cake, and mimosas.