Sunday Links – Coffee

I love coffee, and I really love flavoring my coffee and having something different about it all the time. I’ll usually buy flavored creamers from the grocery store because Tom uses soy creamer, and he doesn’t like flavored coffee (so we skip the flavored beans) but some times I get really bored of the creamer flavors that are out there. I know there are a ton, but I don’t like the ones that are designed to taste like a “latte” (they have a bad aftertaste to me) and some times when the days are cool and rainy it makes me really want to slip on a sweatshirt, sip some pumpkin coffee and pretend it’s fall. So I decided to finally try and make my own coffee creamer.

I picked up these bottles from The Christmas Tree Shop for $1.99. I had been looking for them online but the cheapest I could find on Amazon was $5.50and did not offer “prime shipping” which is a deal breaker for me, haha. You can also sometimes find sparkling lemonade in these sorts of bottles, so those can be re-used for your creamer as well.

For my pumpkin creamer I followed the recipe posted here. I did up the amount of pumpkin slightly, used almond milk in place of milk, used fat free half and half in place of the heavy cream, and added 2 more tablespoons of maple syrup. **Oh and forgot to add that I threw in one cinnamon stick. I did not strain mine because I really like the spices and small bits of pumpkin, but you could use cheesecloth if you wanted a pure creamer. They store in the fridge for 10 days and I would say make about 2 and a half cups. My bottles are looking a little empty because I used them a few times and brought it along to a dinner party for others to try. But, they were fast to make and I’d make them again for sure! You could make it vegan too by using vegan cashew cream in place of the heavy cream, which is great because vegan flavored coffee creamers do not come in a wide variety where we live. I think you can pick vanilla or hazelnut.

My friend Tasha suggested that I make flavored syrups and then just add milk to the coffee. This is a great idea too! A Beautiful Mess has recipes for vanilla, raspberry, and caramel. But a little searching and I found a big variety of syrup flavors like..
Rosemary iced coffee and rosemary simple syrup which sounds great for summer
Pumpkin syrup which is what I made for my syrup
cherry simple syrup could be great in a mocha like a black forest cake coffee
just to name a few, the possibilities are really endless…

I have also been toying with the idea of getting a Keurigever since I had a cup at Jessee’s house. At first I thought K-cups were something like the pod coffee’s, but I guess they are not? Anyhow I am still not totally convinced I need one, I feel like maybe we drink coffee too often, and I would keep our regular old coffee maker too…but that cup at Jessee’s house was pretty darn good. Any thoughts on these?

**p.s. our cute mug is from kinshippress

How To Tuesday – Summer Cards with a surprise


My youngest son and I decided to make some cards to send to his friends. I found this tutorial online for making wind-up paper butterflies. They flutter out when the cards are opened, so we thought caterpillar cards would be perfect for hiding the butterflies inside.

All you need for the cards are:
-blank white cards & envelopes
-colored paper
-circle punch
-black marker
-glue stick
-wiggly eyes

Simply punch of a bunch of colored circles and let your kids glue them down to make a caterpillar. Then they can draw a face, legs, and glue on some wiggly eyes. It’s super easy and B was able to do all the cards by himself.


Now the butterflies are a bit trickier, but the instructions are really good. Here are a few things that worked well for us…. We had to use 20 gauge wire instead of 24, I cut the wings a little smaller (so they would be lighter, and ended up cutting the top wings wire shorter once it was assembled to help lighten those wings too. While there was a bit of trial and error with these, they are pretty magical! You wind them up, then sandwich them in the card, put it in the envelope and mail it. His friends will have quite the surprise when opening, I just hope we don’t scare anyone too bad!

How To Tuesday – Vintage Tennis Racquet Cork board


I got this vintage tennis racquet in a box of other thrifted goodies that I was buying and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. It is super cute, and I could of just hung it on the wall..but I decided to turn it into a simple cork board, here’s how.


You’ll need:
-tennis racquet
-paper & pencil
-black marker
Glaziar Push Points or glue gun


First lay a sheet of paper under your tennis racquet and use the pencil to draw a dotted cutting line by going in between the string.


Cut out your paper template and make sure it fits pretty snugly into the frame of your tennis racquet. Then trace the template onto your cork using a black marker. Cut the cork out with scissors.


Fit cork into the back of your racquet and push a few of the glazier push points around the inside edge to hold the cork snugly against the string of the racquet. This way when you turn it over to hang it, it will still be easy to use the cork with push pins, but the strings of the racquet still show. If you don’t have push points on hand you can also use a thick ring around the outer edge of glue from a glue gun, however this would be much harder to remove if you ever decided to use the racquet for a different project.


Want even more ideas for old tennis racquets? How about…
Turn a vintage tennis racquet into a mirror
or turn a vintage tennis racquet into a jewelry display
Add a thread heart to a badminton racquet