I found photos on my phone of the bunka dolls during sewing and thought I’d share. They sewed up pretty quickly assembly line. The arms and legs just take the most time because they are so small.

Working Wednesday – Tattooed Together

I added a new size of the tattooed together dolls over at Spoonflower. You can now buy them to fit on a fat quarter instead of a whole yard. Or you can get 4 sets of dolls on one yard of fabric!

The only change I would make is when sewing them up, sew the body and leave a space at the bottom for turning and stuffing. Then sew the arms and legs and hand sew them to the body. Since these guys are smaller it makes it extra difficult to turn if you sew the stuffed arms and legs in with the body. Otherwise they sew up pretty well! I decided to sew mine first this time, and then I will embroider the tattoos now once they are stuffed.

Working Wednesday – Blythe


My poor Blythe girls have been sadly neglected. They don’t even have proper names yet (and there is 3 of them when you count my littlest pet shop gal and I do) So I’m planning to make them a better place to live then the small suitcase where they currently reside.

I have also been attempting to make them some more clothing, but I haven’t found a pattern that I just love. I have a handful of badly made & unfinished dresses right now, a few store made doll clothes, and one knit sweater.


I know there are a million amazing Blythe clothes makers out there, but I am some times a very stubborn DIY lady, and I really want to make some myself. Since I am not quite ready to give up, do you have any links you want to share?

Here’s a few that I’d like to try:
-Blythe Boater Hat Tutorial
-embroidered felt skirt
-crocheted Blythe hat pattern