Happy National Letter Writing Month

Today I have a little gift that I hope will encourage you to put pen to paper and write some letters! I have 3 free printable sheets of silly donut and tea mailing labels. I’ve made them in two different sizes depending on your envelope size.
download the labels here
I had mine printed with a laser printer on standard paper. I cut mine out with scissors (using an x-acto blade to cut out a few center pieces) Then I ran mine through my Xyron sticker maker. Alternatively you could print them on sticker paper, or use regular paper and a glue stick to attach them to your envelopes.
Then write in your address, I like to use micron pens since they have such a great variety of tip size. You could also use a program like Photoshop to fill in the addresses before printing.

**For personal use only. Personal use means non-commercial use of the labels/images including copies and print outs for yourself, your personal crafts/scrapbooking and to give to friends. The labels/images may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration.***


It’s hard to believe it’s already September, though I’m not complaining as I love the Fall. I’ve got another busy month ahead of me with Crafty Bastards creeping up (Sept 28th & 29th), three art shows, my trip to Maine, and a big holiday project in the work.
Here is one full tote for Crafty Bastard’s that I’ve finished so far, but I’ve also got Spoonflower fabric ordered, and I’ll be bringing Halloween bunting kits. Now if I can just fill up three or four more totes with sewing work I will be all set.
I’ve got some exciting Halloween DIY’s for you, that I will start posting around the middle of September so there will be plenty of time for making…I’ll probably start decorating our own house for Halloween on my birthday later this month, I never wait for the month of October.
Happy Labor Day! Mine will be filled with an afternoon of sewing, but then taking off early since we have a big family dinner planned for this evening.

Road Tripping

Road trips mean road food, and of course when we are down south we have to stop in to a Krispy Kreme! We don’t have any of the storefronts around where we live, so we get excited about watching the donuts come of the conveyer belts. I picked up one of their birthday mugs and tin of donuts for us all.

Once in South Carolina we went to Mitchelville beach with my parents. When the tide is out it is the best for finding shells and watching the wild life. You have to walk out so far to get to the water, its wonderful! We saw horseshoe crabs, millions of little sand crabs. You can also find huge amazing shells..but most of them have little creatures inside so you can’t keep them, but I always think it’s kind of fun to check.

We saw a lot of great neon signs on the road, I think’s its funny when restaurants have cute cartoon versions of the animals they serve…poor little joe! My other favorite pig is of course the Piggly Wiggly mascot. I was excited that they had coffee mugs this time.
On the drive back home we had to stop in to South Of The Border. It was getting dark so all the great neon signs were on. Our favorite thing though was a little mine craft creeper someone had attached to one of the buildings. B said it just made his night! It was a crazy fun road trip though, lots of hotels (and swimming in the hotel pools!!) Lucky for me Heather did all the highway driving (I had made a deal that I would rent the car if she did the driving, I think I lucked out)