Fun Easter Candy

I love unusual or interesting candy, and filling up a couple of Easter baskets is the perfect excuse to buy it. I thought I’d share a few items I have either tried, or am thinking about buying this year…

Milka Spoon Eggs (hazelnut)– I’ve never had the hazelnut variety, but one year I did find these at our local grocery store, and they are really delicious! I’ve looked for them again each Easter and no luck! I may need to order a few instead. You unwrap a little chocolate egg and crack off the top, and eat with a tiny spoon that comes with it. They were a big hit in our house!
Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon – these are similar and I love Cadbury chocolate, but have not tried these yet.


Fondant Nests – look really cute, and I think would look great on top off a cake thats covered in green dyed coconut to look like grass.
Fondant Eggs– look a bit like deviled eggs and would be cute displayed on a deviled egg platter.


Lerro Chocolate Filled Egg– Lerro is a Pennsylvania candy company that started in 1916. I love the vintage look of their boxes and purchased a peanut butter filled egg locally this year for one of the Easter baskets I am filling. These eggs come in 4oz, 8oz, and 1lb size!! That is a big egg!


Zitner’s Butter Krak Eggs– Zitners is another PA based company that was started in 1920. They have recently changed up the look of their boxes, but my favorite will be the vintage looking ones. The butter krak eggs are so good, and we’ve purchased them many times!

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Easter Sunday was a nice relaxed day spent mostly at home. There was too much chocolate, and a egg hunt in the afternoon. We did go out for waffles early in the day but then stayed home and watched movies, made dinner together, and I worked on some new paper piecing. I ordered some surprise balls for Easter baskets this year, but I can’t recommend them as they were a little lackluster. I think next time I will just make some myself because there is nothing quite as fun as unravelling all those layers of crepe.

Easter Eggs

Its that time of year for dyeing some eggs! Kurtis & his girlfriend Shari came for the weekend so we have been cramming in all sorts of things. We spent an evening at the local roller skating rink, had some ice cream sundaes at The Velvet, and they even got their Easter baskets a week early. We decided to dye eggs on Sunday, which made it feel a lot more like Easter to me. I don’t know if its the weather but it just didn’t really feel like Easter/Springtime to me yet. I do have some seeds we’ve started and thats helped too. Just looking forward to warmer Spring days with the windows open and lots of work in the yard.