Cry Baby Bunting

I have been playing around with some new fabric designs featuring my little sad bear. I ordered the proofs from Spoonflower so I’ll post some photos once they arrive.
You might recognize the title of this post, if you have been playing Ni No Kuni, the video game developed by Level 5 & Studio Ghibli. Tom surprised me with it one night, when I didn’t even know it had come out yet. I am not a huge video game player (I do love and have played both of the Lego Harry Potter games) but I love this one. I’ve been having fun sneaking in video game time when I can, and the other day got another fun surprise in the mail. I’m already wondering what the heck I am going to play when I finish this game.

pattern making…
I’ve been working on some new repeat patterns in similar color combinations. The cat-crazy patterns are because my youngest son is cat crazy and wants to have a cat-themed birthday party this year. I thought I could sew him up a couple of cat pillows for his bed.
Then I started making a Goldilocks & The Three Bears repeat, which started with a house, which then turned into many houses. Maybe I’ll go back to Goldilocks but for now I had fun making the houses. Once proofed these designs will be available here.