25th Annual Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fabric Fair

Last Wednesday it was the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fabric Fair. As soon as my son was dropped off at school we headed over and ended up in line about 30 minutes before the doors opened. I would say at this point there was probably 25-30 people in line ahead of us and that was pretty good! I thought there would be a lot more, but I think the cold rainy day may have kept a few people from coming early.
Since I had just recently cleaned out the whole studio I tried to be very thoughtful & restrained about my purchases.
I got this bag of cut hexies and the fabrics are just beautiful! It looks like they might make tiny 1 inch hexagons.
I got a clip in type embroidery “hoop”. I already own one of these, but this was a larger size. Some cross stitch and linen fabrics.
Really cute Campbell Kids embroidery transfers.

Only a little bit of fabric this year. I actually didn’t see much fabric I liked this year. I am not sure if my tastes have changed, or I just missed the cute stuff.
This adorable applique project.

And probably my most favorite find this bunka doll! I already have one larger size doll that I found awhile ago at a antique shop, but in all my days of antique & thrift store shopping these are the only two I have ever seen. This gal was $1!!

The fabric fair runs for four days, and after the big initial rush of the first opening morning I’ve found that the following days are very relaxed, no crowds and some times you even have the whole yarn room to yourself. I did go back a few times to look slowly through the items like the button bins, and the room of playpens which hold all the yarn. I ended up with 7 skeins of yarn (various wools, and alpacas) for $7! I can only imagine some of the amazing yarn that was there on day one!
As always I look forward to the Fabric Fair each year, the best kind of treasure hunting I know!

The Salvation Army Fabric Fair

I was really bummed when I got the postcard this year for my local Salvation Army Fabric Fair and saw it was the same dates as our trip to Florida. I look forward to the fair so much each year that I have been known to not only have trouble sleeping the night before, but to have weird fabric fair dreams. So coming back from Florida and still feeling bummed that I missed it I thought I would do some google searching to see if there might be another close by. I knew there was a sale in Pittsburg (I went one year, but its a 3 hour hike and it was in April), there is a small one in Carlisle PA but that is usually held in the fall, and I knew of one in Portland Maine (looks like they hold theirs in May). It took awhile of me searching but I was so excited when I stumbled upon a postcard announcing a fabric fair in York PA, which is only about an hour drive for us. Yesterday Tom, B, and I woke up early and set out for York. Oh and true to form I had dreams the night before that we showed up late and there was barely anything left to look through. The guys were so very patient leaving me to shop, but then coming back once I had a filled bag so they could go pay for it while I continued to look with free hands.
All the sales I’ve been too are generally set up the same way. There are tables with fabric divided into cottons, wools, silks, etc. Then there is usually a section with small scrap cuts of fabric bagged in little bundles.
Now besides fabric you can find a million other craft supplies, patterns, books, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing machines, and any other sewing notion you can think of. This sale had boxes set up in a craft area that you had to dig through to see what treasure might be inside. I didn’t end up finding too much fabric I liked, but got a few smaller pieces. I did get some pretty buttons, dolls, cute embroidered animals, doll eyes, and I’ve taken a few photos to show you what I bought.
I also took a few phone photos when I was at the sale, but at times it was a crowded hot jumble so the photos are not the best.

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