Economy Block Quilt

Back in February I decided to start an economy block quilt to use up fabric from my stash. I am pleased to say it only took me until the end of March to finish, quilt and bind it and I’ve been using it as a 60×60 inch lap quilt ever since. I started a new quilt shortly after using sawtooth stars, but I’m still working on that one on and off. There is something so satisfying though about using up small amounts of stash fabric to create a colorful quilt.
You can find a free paper piecing economy block here in 2,3, and 4inch finished blocks.

Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fabric Fair 2017

Every year I get excited for the Salvation Army fabric fair. All year long our local Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary collects craft supplies, fabric, and yarn for this big sale. Starting a few hours before the opening there is a long line of people waiting to get in, me included. It’s always so much fun!

Buttons, books, more buttons!
Things you never knew you needed…like a box of izod crocodile patches (left these behind).

Let’s not forget the room filled with playpen upon playpen of yarn!
Then there are the little gems like this (bought this one!) I’ll be back soon with a post showing you everything I bought.