Just some photos from the month…. October has been all about pumpkins, apples, baking baking baking! Discovered a good big double pie crust recipe that really makes enough for both crusts. You can find that here.
Have made this cinnamon chip scone recipe twice this month, it takes extra time because you need to make homemade cinnamon chips but they are so worth it! Really amazing and got high reviews from everyone who had one.
Did some Halloween thrift shopping, and trying to wear something festive every day! I hope you too are enjoying this wonderful time of year.

The Great Pumpkin

Every time I see pumpkins when we are out and about I get even more excited to plan a pumpkin patch for next Spring. I have already decided I will keep the vegetable garden small and really focus on a proper pumpkin patch. I’m going to try and grow as many varieties as I can, and see what does best. I have started ordering seed catalogs, but would love to know if there a company you love?