Portland part 4

So..Portland and food…..we had some really tasty stuff! Tom was in vegan heaven. I am sure this is not everywhere we ate in the five days, but it is pretty close. A lot of these photos were taken by B, and Tom took the food cart photos with his phone because I didn’t have my camera with me that day.

Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro– we were hoping to get lunch here, but at 11am they were still serving breakfast (we had been up since 6) so Tom had a tofu scramble, I had the croissant, and B had a bagel. Yummy Stumptown coffee too. Good food, the tile floors are incredible, but no set lunch time so keep that in mind.

Gravy– Emily & Josiah took us out to brunch after my little talk at The Kennedy School. I had the amazingly too big half order of french toast. All the food here seems to be really large portions. Tom had a tofu scramble (massive), and B wanted grilled cheese (it was after 11) but they told us we would have to wait 15 mins to put in an order of grilled cheese, and that he could NOT have fruit as a side with his sandwich. So kind of strange, so we ordered him a separate side of fruit and biscuit while he waited. He basically ate one bite of biscuit, his fruit, and one bite of his sandwich when it came after the alloted 15 minutes ;). B took this photo and I love the way it looks like Emily is digging into a giant sized bowl of fruit. The fruit bowl was a nice big bowl, but not quite so giant size. Oh and B ordered hot chocolate (which he said was too chocolaty) but I thought was the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted….ever! So if you go here split food, and have the hot chocolate.

Dove Vivi– We stopped in one evening and got a few slices of pizza to go because the place was really busy. Loved the pizza…Tom got one of each of the vegan slices and I had the pesto slice. I really regretted that I only got one slice. B didn’t want any of the pizza (because he must be crazy :) so he had Annies boxed mac n cheese which we not only purchased from the hotel lobby but were able to cook because our room had a stovetop and pots and pans. We didn’t really get to check out the menu long so B might have been happy with one of the types of pizza here. Really yummy though and we will try to dine in next time we are in Portland.

Food Carts by PSU– One of our favorite meals, all of us! B had vegetable fried rice, which he declared amazing, and ate tons of. Tom and I both got meals from Homegrown Smoker which is all vegan BBQ cart. One of the best macaroni & cheeses I’ve ever had. Would go back in a heartbeat, great mix of food so something for everyone. Wish we had time to try more of the food carts in Portland…but still glad we made it out to one of the pods at least.

Vita Cafe– We had breakfast here one day…and dinner another. Corn cakes for breakfast were really tasty with maple syrup, and seitan cheesesteaks for dinner. B really loved their chocolate mint cake. Oh and we had really good coffee here too. Both times our servers were super friendly and nice here too which is always a plus. We would definitely go here again, no crowds either time, and they for kid’s they have a $1 menu everyday between 5-7 pm.

The Hungry Tiger Too– We came in to get food, but ended up having to order it to-go because after 7 (and it was 6:30) minors are not allowed, I am assuming because it has a bar? The food was pretty good, “junk food” wise. Vegan corndogs, vegan mac n cheese, etc. Tom did stop back in after he got tattooed to get their Wed. Happy Hour special of $1.25 vegan corn dogs so that what handy for him. I prefer mac n cheese without breadcrumbs so I liked the Homegrown Smokers Mac N Cheese (food carts) best.

We also ate a few other places I do not have photos of, but I will link them below.

The Berkeley’s & Black Apples met up with us on our last night in Portland at The Blossoming Lotus. They had made reservations for 8pm which was good because it was pretty busy. This is a really nice restaurant, but we had eaten lunch at 3 so I wasn’t as hungry as I should of been for dinner. I did split a peanut butter banana smoothie with Tom + B that was amazing. I had the house salad and four cheese lasagna but could barely eat any of it. I am a freak about getting to the airport early and our dinner arrived at the table a little after 9pm so I started feeling anxious. Thankfully everyone was really understanding about us leaving (although I wish we could have stayed longer) so we headed out around 9:30 and made our way to the airport to fly home. We just never fully relax until we are waiting at the gate. I’d love to stop back in some time when I do not feel rushed :)

Sweet Pea Baking Company– We had coffee here and B had a cupcake. Coffee was lovely, B loved the cupcake.

Stumptown Coffee– We had coffee here at the Ace location, so we could peek into the Ace hotel lobby. B and I got some photos in the photo booth while Tom was waiting for the coffee. It was of course super crowded, but since it was our first time in Portland we had to be the tourists and check it out.

I think that is about it, although I am probably forgetting something. I already talked about VooDoo Doughnuts… Next up will be one more Portland post, then back to things as normal :) I have some stuff I am working on for a show to share with you, some birthday goodness, etc.