Halloween Hunting

A few weekends ago Molly and I decided to take a mini road trip to York PA. I kept seeing people post about Halloween items from a store called At Home, and neither of us had ever been. We decided to have a fun day trip hunting for Halloween items and getting some Maple donuts.
I wore orange and black and my lucky little pumpkin necklace for the occasion. This stitch marker turned necklace is a tiny version of my gourd guys that Sweet Cherry Shop sent me a few years ago as a gift. I love it so much!

While the At Home store was big, and did have lots of Halloween items in the end we each only bought one thing. I got a gourd fella who reminds me of something from Nightmare Before Christmas and Molly found a shower curtain. There was also lots of Christmas items we both liked, but the prices were a little more then we wanted to spend.
Here is Molly with a swan we both loved, but it was $40.
The deer were cute vintagey (though I wish they weren’t covered in the glitter stuff) and they were a bit more affordable at $10 each. Still we resisted mostly due to the glitter.
They also had some really cute pots! I loved all the little faces!

Afterwards we headed to Maple donuts for pumpkin spice, maple cream, whoopie pie, fruity pebbles, and all kinds of other amazing flavors!
Here are the items I came away with…the skeleton is from Home Goods, then the gourd with pointy teeth was my At Home find, the next little gourd was also from Home Goods, and the ceramic pumpkin witch I actually found at Walmart a few days beforehand!

October Ceramic’s Class

For the month of October I am offering a ceramic class as the guild which is all about creating a Halloween themed ring/earbud holder. Really you could even use it to hold a donut!
Of course during my class I plan to play some of my favorite vintage Halloween music, and offer some tasty Halloween themed treats for everyone to enjoy while we create. The studio is located in Waynesboro Pennsylvania, which is South Central PA, located very close to the Maryland border (not far from Hagerstown MD or Chambersburg PA) You can sign up for my Halloween class at the guild’s website here.

Gourd Guy Jars DIY

Its that time of the year when the Summer is ending, and Halloween seems just around the corner. I start seeing the fall items appear in stores and immediately want to start making Halloween decorations. For the past two years I have made “gourd guys” with the faux pumpkins and gourds you can find at any craft stores. First I turned them into ornaments and a topper for my Halloween tree. Then last year year I used them to create a wreath. This year I still had the urge to paint their little faces but wanted to create something new.

You’ll need:
-faux gourds and pumpkins, these come in all kinds of sizes and you just want to pick something that matches up with the size of your jars
-floral picks with red berries for noses, these are found in the floral section of most craft shops and come in all sorts of sizes. Round balls or some times longer oval shaped berries.
-acrylic paint and brushes
-glue, I used a hot glue gun
-glass jars and corks that fit into them
-sharp x-acto knife for cutting into bottom of pumpkins
Follow my tutorial for painting the pumpkins faces found here.
Trace the top of the cork onto bottom of your pumpkin or gourd, and use x-acto blade to carefully cut away a space for the cork.
Use hot glue and hold cork in place while it dries. Thats it! Its very easy!
You can make tiny jars, or bigger jars which I think would make fun gifts filled with candy. You can fill your jars with sweets, colored water for potions, or even something like bobby pins, q-tips, etc and display them in the bathroom to bring some Halloween decor to other rooms in your home. If you choose to make some and post it on social media please consider using the hashtag #gourdguys so I can find it.