February Crafternoon

I didn’t have a crafternoon in January, as a little break from all the holiday madness. Come February I was excited to dive back in and see everyone again. For the craft we decorated ceramic dishes (things you can find all over, Target has a whole aisle of plain white dishes) with Pebeo Porcelaine Markers and Pebeo Porcelaine China Paint. After you draw or paint on your surfaces and allow to dry for 24 hours, you bake cure them in your oven for about 30 minutes. I’ve used these in the past for my sugar dish and its gone through the dishwasher dozens of times and still looks just like new. I liked using the paints best because I could mix the colors. Everyone came up with such fun finished items!

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December’s Plush Of The Month Club

Here I thought I was done with photos from December when I realized I never even shared December’s plush of the month club. For these boxes I decided to make a bunch of sad fruitcakes. Everyone knows fruitcake has a bad rep, and I thought it would be fun to play on that. These little fruitcakes are even dressed up with white icing and festive cherry but that cannot stop their tears. I thought as an add-in a tissue cozy might be nice, so I resized and made a few adjustments to my holiday fabric and had 8 yards printed with Spoonflower. I bought mini tissues in bulk to put inside because a tissue cozy without tissues meant you wouldn’t be able to use it right away. That’s like getting a new toy and no batteries!
I created a recipe card for a faux fruitcake that is made with gumdrops in place of the dried fruit. Its one of those kooky old recipes that I thought would be fun to include. I know a lot of kids get my boxes and I didn’t think they’d want a traditional soaked in rum fruitcake recipe to bake.
As for the candy I added in some peppermint puffs. They are the kind that melt away in your mouth a favorite in my household.

December Crafternoon

This should be my last post about December (which seems so far away now!) I didn’t have a crafternoon in January because some times it’s nice to take a month off and have plenty of time to plan the next one. December’s crafternoon is always a favorite of mine because everything is decorated all festively for Christmas, I get to make my annual holiday mixed cds for everyone, and there always seems to be plenty of Christmas cookies. We made felt stockings, decorated with colored floss, sequins, and buttons. I purchased some blank stockings for anyone who didn’t want to make their own, and then had felt sheets in as many colors as I could find for decorating them. Jessee brought her Sizzix Fabi machine with a few dies like snowflakes, and hexagons. I really need to look into these machines, some of my paper and fabric cutting for Plush Of The Month gets a little out of control. I think most people liked being able to have something pre-cut from felt, and it might have just been Molly and I who cut out our own shapes. I knew ahead of time I wanted to make several stockings and ended up with a snowman, reindeer, and tree (though I only took a photo of my snowman and the others are packed away with the Christmas stuff now). It was a wonderful time, and going through my photos has me even more excited for February’s Valentine crafternoon!