I have a funny little tale today to share….one that involves the plate at the top up there. Back in 2008 I used to draw a lot more (one of my goals for the month was to draw more in my sketchbook and I am happy to say I have indeed been working on it) Anyhow back to the plates. I found some of the plate markers where you draw, cook the plate and started playing around with them. I made the ceramic ones to sell, but didn’t end up selling the one up top because it was melamine and I didn’t know how to “seal” it in properly. Instead I used it as part of a display when I did Art Star Craft Bazar that year. When I got home, it was packed away to a box in the attic and I forgot about it for years.
A few months ago I was cleaning out some boxes and took a bunch of stuff (including the plate) to a local thrift shop that is located inside a retirement community/nursing home. I picked this place because you can leave your boxes around back with out the hassle of talking to someone. What I didn’t think about is the fact that I might see my plate while I was shopping there. Of course the next few times my sister and I went thrift shopping there (and they are only open two days a week for very short hours) the plate was there each and every time. Marked for sale for .25 and always staring at me, making me feel super embarrassed and self conscience. As if someone was going to walk near by and know that I drew those little doodles. It might seem weird, but it’s an odd feeling for me to see something I’ve made out and about in the world.
So the next few times we went shopping there my sad plate was still there-still staring at me. We also had a long running joke that someone would buy it in the hopes that a mister clean eraser would get the drawings off.Then I made up my mind that the next time I saw it, I would just buy it and throw it in the trash so I didn’t have to see it anymore. I know that is super wasteful thinking, and I would of probably just ended up cramming it back into the box in the attic, but the next time I went in it was gone.
Then I wondered about who bought it, and what they were thinking about it when they purchased it. I’ll admit it looked a bit out of place amongst the normal donations of tupperware & pyrex dishes. Soon after I stopped thinking about it entirely. Until I got an email….
Hi Heidi,

I’ve been a big fan for awhile and have followed your blog for years. We lived in Ohio then moved to Kansas in 2007 and moved back to Ohio last year. Over the summer we went to a flea market in Hartville, Ohio and I found this plate. I was attracted to it, because it reminded me of your work but also something about it made me think of Blythes as well. I bought it and then came home and searched your blog and sure enough there it was! I knew I had seen it before but never dreamed that it would have been one of your original pieces. How lucky is that! My girls and I are big fans of your yummy keychains and we got my nieces in New Jersey hooked too. They have a big collection. My youngest, Sofia has your huge yummy donut pillow as well as the smaller one too. Anyway, just wanted to share the attached photo with you!

Lisa Cosentino

Isn’t that crazy? And actually sort of amazingly awesome? Lisa’s husband is the super talented artist Ralph Consentino and I cannot imagine my poor unwanted plate falling into better hands! I just think of the adventure it must of went on to start off in a thrift shop in a small town Pennsylvania to a big flea market in Ohio. It makes my heart quite happy. Thanks again Lisa for the email!