I realized I never finished blogging about my trip to Fort Lauderdale Fl, so here ya go! Saturday was the Yummy Meet & Greet at Tate’s.If you are visiting or live in Florida-it’s worth a trip, that place is amazing!
Thank you so much to everyone who came out & got things signed. Everyone was so awesome and nice! I didn’t get any photos during the signing, but Tom took the ones up there for me.

On the way back into Fort Lauderdale from the signing we spotted this adorable gingerbread bakery, so we turned around. It was extra exciting when we realized they were still open for ten more minutes and had vegan baked goods! Tom got a oatmeal raisin cookie, I got a gingerbread man, and B got a chocolate muffin that he said was the best he had ever tasted.

Despite my sunscreen I managed to burn the top of one of my shoulders! The only place I must have missed when apply sunscreen haha…not bad for three days in the sun! Please excuse the messy hotel bathroom. I loved the hotel we stayed at, the Sheraton right on the beach. Not only do they have the mermaid show in their pool, but they also give you a five dollar voucher for each day you refuse housekeeping. I don’t like my sheets tucked in, so I never want my bed made anyway. We cashed in our vouchers for coffee since they had a Starbucks in the lobby. We also saw quite a lot of fast thunder showers in Florida, which is always so cool to watch. The storms roll in and out so quickly.

All in all it was a great trip, the only downer being the heat….but hot weather in Florida in June is to be expected!

Yummy Trading Party

On Friday morning Katie and I headed on a road trip to Rye NY with our two boys. We had decided to leave Friday morning since the drive was a little over five hours and make a fun road trip out of it.
When we finally arrived at our hotel Friday evening we were greeted with a goodie bag from Candy Rox filled with treats. The Yummy Trading Party was on Saturday so we got up and decided to park on Purchase st which is where the shop is located, such a cute little area! We had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien which was really good and then walked up and down the street a bit before heading to Candy Rox. Everyone at the store was so sweet and nice, they had gone all out with yummy treats for everyone who attended. They bought treats to match the yummy keychains, and even set out the greek paper coffee cups for hot chocolate & coffee. There were balloons, coloring pages, a bunch of items to be raffled off, and even costumes!
I wasn’t able to take photos once the event started but thankfully Katie nabbed some photos for me with me camera & phone. The elementary & middle school kids in Rye are mega yummy keychain collectors. There are rumors flying about what is rare, rumors about what the next series might be, and questions galore. These kids were so awesome! I loved being able to talk to them, sign their keychains & shirts, and hear all their great suggestions for what they think should be made into keychains. The place was packed, and it was amazing and I am so grateful to everyone who came out. Candy Rox said they had over 110 rsvp’s!!
There was one boy who was very serious and asked “Is there a turkey or purple burrito keychain? Because my friend says he has both and I don’t believe him!” Of course I had to break the news that there was no turkey or magical purple burrito in the yummy collections.
There was also a ten year old girl with her mother, who was surprised as her daughter pulled a long strand of yummies from a small bag and said “You told me you only had 20 of them!” to which the daughter said “I have 56” We loved that she knew the exact number, and goodness…56!!! Really the kids here are super collectors, and most had their yummies clipped onto stretchy hair bands that they then wear around their wrists. The parents told us that it’s a big thing in all the local schools, and has just sort of exploded over the last couple of months.
It was a really fun day and I am so glad that Candy Rox asked me to come and visit. In the evening we went ahead and started heading toward PA, we just wanted to knock a few hours off the trip, and stayed in New Jersey. Then Sunday took our time heading back and drove through Lancaster for Shoo-fly pie, the Christmas Museum and a few antique shops. We did make an attempt to stop and shop at The Golden Nugget fleamarket in NJ which came highly recommended. But when we tried to stop there on Sunday morning the parking situation was a total nightmare. Instead of a parking lot, it was more of a “park-wherever, if you can” arrangement and after weaving our way through cars with many stops and backing the car up, we decided to give up. Maybe if you arrive really early parking isn’t as much of an issue, but it was too anxiety inducing for my tastes haha.