Ceramic Guild Shop Makeover

In May of this year myself and fellow guild member/friend Lesley took on the task of revamping the guild’s shop. In the front area of our working studio is a nice two room shop that is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Filled with handmade pottery created right here in Waynesboro by guild members. In the photo posted in this article you can really see how it looked before.

While it was a lot of work at times (a few late nights building Ikea furniture) it was made fun with help from guild friends, fried pickles, and many many cups of coffee, and I am still so excited about how it all came together and gave the shop a fresh new look. If you are ever in South Central PA stop in for some handmade pottery shopping.


Katie and I took the boys to Awesomecon at the end of June. Katie drove and I kept thinking it was outside DC (something like BrickFair) but nope it was at the Walter E Washington convention center near the national mall. We decided to go on Friday since we thought it might be a little less crowded. It was fun to see how many people dressed up, the costumes were my favorite part! We did some shopping, people watching, and checked out the little Stan Lee Museum they had set up. There was even free cold brew coffee as you came into the event. The boys seemed to have an awesome time, and it really wasn’t an overwhelming crowd on Friday compared to some photos I’ve seen from Saturday.

Upcoming Harry Potter class & Harry Potter Festival

Our town is having a Harry Potter festival this August, and I couldn’t be more excited! Waynesboro PA is South Central, very close to the border of Maryland. We are about 1.5 hours from both Baltimore & DC area. August 18th and 19th Waynesboro’s downtown will become a festival for wizards and muggles alike! You can find all the event details here. Lesley and I will each be teaching a HP themed ceramic class.
If you know me at all you will know I not only love Harry Potter, but also themed parties. For my class we are making Leaky Cauldron mugs (which of course will not leak, but are named for the pub in Diagon Alley. While my mug is a plain cauldron I will also have carving tools and Potter themed stamps incase you would like to customize your mug with text or drawings. I am making butterbeer and treats from honeydukes for my class to enjoy while we handbuild our mugs.
You can sign up for either (or both) classes on our website here.

The guild is also working on all kinds of Harry Potter themed ceramic fan art which will be for sale at our shop all weekend long during the festival.