Krumpe’s Do-nuts


While Pennsylvania has Maple Donuts, if we cross the border into Hagerstown Maryland we can get Krumpe’s Do-nuts. Even though we live in Pennsylvania we are right on the border-making Krumpe’s dangerously close by.
They open at 7pm at night, making it a great place to stop whenever we have out of town guests. They always have a donut of the week, like smore’s or banana spilt. If you are ever in the area, be sure to pick some up! There donut holes are pretty amazing little things too!


Two exciting places are open locally, and are pretty new to me! My friend Molly discovered French Macarons sold locally! Before I knew about this place, the nearest spot for macarons was just outside of DC.
Also our Borders bookshop closed down and we figured the building would remain empty and sad for a long time, but were excited to discover a new bookshop has opened in it’s place. Beside’s books they sell records, cds, movies, and its all a mix of new & used (so you can sell your stuff to them as well) They also carry some Kidrobot toys (my keychains too) and other little designer toys. As much as I love Amazon and Wonderbook (which is our big local used bookstore) I’m really happy to see another bookshop pop up in the area.