Moonrise Kingdom

Remember after I saw Moonrise Kingdom and I got it in my head to make some Sam and Suzy dolls? Well shortly after I received a lovely email from Jared Gilman’s mom (he’s the actor that played Sam) saying how much she loved the doll, so I sent it to live with her and she sent me these great photos :) I absolutely love how proud his mom is of him, warms my heart!

Working Wednesday – Moonrise Kingdom

sam and suzy dolls
Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom yet? Thomas and I were lucky enough to have a date a few weeks ago and see it. I am so very in love, and therefor had to try and make myself a set of Sam & Suzy dolls. Suzy is much further along now with a body and clothing, but they are both far from finished. I am still on the fence about Suzy’s hair and I think Sam is too. Yarn just doesn’t seem right–so that may change. I’d like to make Sam’s patches and badges, his hiking gear, Suzy’s gear too. So I have lots more to do!

This week is the last week of Summer vacation for my boys so we’ve been super busy. I also decided to get a little crazy and renovate the downstairs bathroom. It’s actually finally almost finished except for a few pipe-related issues that I am hoping one more trip to the hardware store will resolve. Let’s just say I am ready for that project to be completed. Then I can work on fun projects like creating tiny khaki scout badges!