Plush Of The Month Club June (Quarter 2 2018)

The idea for the Summer Plush Of The Month Club box came to me as I thought about Summer reading, and book clubs. I decided on a plush book of fairy tales and my first step was to design the cover and order a few variations until I found one I was happiest with. I chose a striped flannel fabric for the inner book to mimic the book pages, and the covers I had printed on fleece with Spoonflower.
For the add-ins the candy was a easy choice, book-worms in the form of gummi worms. I created and had bookplates printed to match the plush books, and then the whole thing was wrapped up and topped with a vintage library card. These were really fun to have come together.

Plush Of The Month Club Quarter 3

Plush Of The Month Club for quarter three is the Halloween box. I really look forward to planning the Halloween items, and wanted to do something unexpected this year. I kept thinking about how much I love creating holiday themed playlists with vintage songs for my friends, and wondered if there was a way to share this kind of music through POM.
I finally decided to create a plush Halloween record, in a paper and plastic sleeve just like a real 7 inch record. I even shipped them in cardboard record boxes which I imagines must of confused so many members when it arrived.
Not only do the records come with a twin witch patch I had made just for the club (and candy of course!) but inside each record is a slip of paper to a secret 8track Halloween playlist, so they can “play” their record digitally.
Don’t worry if you’re not part of the club, you can still listen to my previous Halloween playlists here.

Plush Of The Month (Quarter One 2017)

Plush Of The Month Club boxes for quarter one shipped on March 1st. Since it felt like Spring would be just around the corner I went with a garden theme. The plush radish, a seed pack of organic lettuce seeds, and a realistic gummi worm (supposed to be rootbeer flavor which is an interesting choice for an earthworm) all packaged inside a green cardboard carton like you might see at a farmer’s market.