Wednesday – Working


May I present my plush for the Sew Nerdy show at Bear and Bird in FL. I decided to draw on my nerd-love of NPR and my most favorite shows…starting left to right we have Robert Krulwich & Jad Abumrad from Radiolab. Then of course there is Ira Glass from This American Life. I have plans for one or two more to round out my NPR tribute, and I’ll get better photos of these later this week. Until then here are a few progress shots.










My sister and I have been going out thrifting about once a week. We have so much fun together, and we usually find one or two goodies to bring home. A few weeks ago I found a tote full of knitting needles (you can see them above in the jars) and then today I found this circular knitting needle holder that hooks to a hanger, with all those circulars in it for $8! I was so excited!

I haven’t been knitting as often because I usually knit the most twice a week during swimming. I forgot to mention on the blog because things have been so busy with Easter and the kid’s being out of school, but B actually broke his arm when we were in Florida.

On one of our last days there he was playing near the pool area with which was concrete but wet and he fell on his arm. We put ice on it, made sure he could move everything, but it didn’t seem like he broke anything. He had some swelling the next day, but never cried over it (not even when he fell) and over the counter medicine seemed to help. We had some one from the first aid area look at it too and he said is just seemed like a sprain. Well when we get home I took him in Monday morning to have the doctor check him out. She said she doubted it was a fracture because it hurt him on both sides of his arm, but she sent us for x-rays to be sure. Well sure enough he had fractured not one, but both of the bones in his arm and now has a cast. He was such a trooper about all of it, and really rarely even complains about the cast. Just goes to show that without x-rays we might of gone on thinking he just had a sprain. You might have noticed his blue cast in the last entry.

Anyhow he won’t be back to swimming now until the Summer session, so the knitting has taken a backseat. With all these knitting needles popping up though, I think I need to make some time for it once again.

Besides thrift shopping, dying eggs, and breaking arms I have been doing lots & lots of sewing!
I plan to have a shop update soon, I’ll announce the date once I have all the plush I want to make for it finished. I will have terrariums & terrarium necklaces too!
I am also stockpiling a bit because I will be Selling my goods art Art Star Craft Bazaar Saturday, May 12th & Sunday, May 13th at The Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing Philadelphia, PA. Hope to see you there!

Holiday Update!



****I got some more stockings so I have 20 MORE stockings now! Once those are all gone I’ll remove this
The shop update is finally up!! :) :) I am offering a free stocking with all orders of $50 and up (not including shipping) Every stocking is different, they are filled with things like my past plush, plush from various shows I have done, handmade card, candy, etc. I have 20 of these stockings and once they are all gone I will update this post and remove the photo and text. (Sorry for the bad photo—it is so dark and rainy today!)