Pittsburgh! This Saturday!

This weekend!


Santa plush


Handmade Arcade is this Saturday in Pittsburgh PA. I am booth #77, please come on out and say hello! I have been working hard this week to finish up all my stuff for my table (sorry the blog has been so quiet) I’ll have Santas, stockings, and ornaments…and well as other non-holiday related stuff. I like the get a jump on holiday shopping myself, so I wanted to bring some of my holiday goods.

The Phantom Tollbooth turns 50

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Picture 4

I am so excited to talk today about the documentary film The Phantom Tollbooth Turns 50!

from the website: The Phantom Tollbooth turns 50 this year, and we’ve joined Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer, Milo and Tock, and a host of authors, critics, teachers and kids – to celebrate the classic 1961 children’s book, by making the definitive documentary about this beloved work of the American imagination.

They have just launched a kickstarter campaign to help fund the project, and I was so excited to be asked to be a part of it.

25 backers can get a very special mini-tock plush (similar to the one I made for Norton Juster a few years ago…seen above) and 2 backers can get their very own handmade plush character from the book–backer’s choice! There are so many characters that would be fun for me to make :)

I hope you’ll consider supporting this project!

Crafty Bastards 2011





A huge thank you to everyone who braved the weather on Saturday and came out to Adams Morgan for this years Crafty Bastards show. The weather was gloomy, cold, and it rained the whole day long. It was bound to happen with so many years of perfect weather, but I was still surprised by how cold the day was!

The only real bummer about the rain to me was I had purchased 8 cardboard displays, and my plan had been to set them up on the floor. 4 in a row on either side of the tent. Unfortunately with the rain we just managed to get 3 together and put them on the tables in the corners. Of course no one could reach anything on the top shelves and we had to get up on a chair, or stretch really far to get the stuff down. But it still worked out okay. I am excited to try them again at my next show.

We had to rig up a tarp to the back of our tent, and luckily our nice neighbors let us borrow the front side of their tent, so we ended up looking like we were inside a cozy cave. I think it’s time we retire our old blue tent because there are a lot of pin sized holes in the top which leak, it does not have sides, and since it’s dark blue (which is fine on sunny days) it makes it really dark inside when it rains.

There were still plenty of shoppers, which was awesome. I only walked around once with K. It was just easier to stay snuggled up in the tent and keep dry. Thomas and K came to help out for the day. K walked down to get us jumbo slice, Tom made a coffee & chai run and got himself a burrito. Saw lots of old friends, and had a good day despite the weather.

When we arrived home all the luggage in the back of the truck was soaked, but thank goodness I had all the leftover plush in plastic bags and they remained dry! I however couldn’t seem to get warm for the rest of the night, and now have ended up with a bit of a cold. We had out of town friends over on Saturday and then Sunday was K’s party so the weekend was packed! Today I am in a million layers of sweaters/scarves/wool socks etc and keeping up with my cold medicine & orange juice ;) I’m going to stay in bed and go through all the photos I took at the skating party. I’ll be updating the shop later this week with anything leftover from the show, but I’ll post an exact time and date soon.