June’s Plush Of The Month Club Boxes

This Summer is just flying by! Here is it already July and I haven’t posted about the June Plush Of The Month Club boxes. June’s box was a plush potted cactus, which came with an illustrated card, and some of my favorite prickly pear cactus candy.
My hope was that it would appeal to both green thumbs, and plant killers alike. It’s perfect if you love plants, but also works well if you can’t keep a plant alive, as this plush version will never wither away!

May’s Plush Of The Month Club Boxes

Plush of the month for May was a silly one, sad crying plush toilet plungers. If you were a plunger and your job was to plunge toilets-you’d be crying too. I found some amazing smiling poop gummy candy from Japan and was off on a search to find it (took me several months actually) so this plush sat on the back burner in my mind until I was finally able to source that candy. Some times POM club is funny like that. I’ll have ideas but need time to find or create just the perfect add-ins.
This box also came with little plush toilets that are filled with sour candy that you dip a little plunger lollipop into. All the candy came inside a little tote bag with a toilet paper roll friend on the front, and a toilet pin-back.

April’s Plush Of The Month Club

Plush Of The Month Club boxes for April contained plush rain clouds (April showers bring May flowers) and all that. We’ve actually been getting a ton of rain this May and I am ready for a break!
The boxes came with notepads I had printed, and flower scented gum. I thought the gum would hint at the May flowers. I was really terrible about getting photos of this months, so I made sure to take lots of in progress photos for the May boxes.