Jo-Ann “Celebrate The Season” Santa Favor Cup DIY

I’m back with my third and final DIY for Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft’s Celebrate The Season. This time the theme was “fabulously festive”. These santa favor cups can not only be used to hold small treats, but you could also add tiny flags with names to use them as place holders. I think they would make any table festive, and they are very easy and quick to make.
-1 empty toilet paper tube for each Santa, you could cut paper towel roll tubes down to size too.
-felt in pink, red, and white
-black ribbon
-paper cups found in baking supplies area of Jo-Ann
-red embroidery floss
-sewing needle
-black seed beads
-small red pom poms
-glue, I used hot glue
First you will need to cut strips of red and pink felt. Since I used synthetic sheets of felt, I cut my strips long enough to go around the tube twice, so the brown of the tube did not show. If you use wool blend felts they are thicker and you will only need to cut them long enough to go around once.
Next attach your eyes. Thread your needle with 3 strands of embroidery floss, and tie a knot on one end. Push you needle through the back of the felt so that the knot is hidden on the wrong side of the felt. Your needle should then go through a sequin, through a bead, and then back down through the sequin and felt. The seed bead will hold the sequin in place. Sew on both eyes.
Now stich of glue pom pom nose in place, and with red embroidery floss stitch a little smiling mouth.
The next step is to glue your face felt and body felt in place. Since I am wrapping mine around twice I made sure my face is right side up and glued the felt onto the paper tube, securing the end with more hot glue. Then glue the body on so that the felt meets up.
Add a bit of glue to the outside of your paper cup and push it down into the top of the paper tube. Hold in place while glue dries.
Now cut a beard and eyebrows from white felt. To make beard cut a half circle from felt, then fold in half and cut another half circle from the center, start small and check against your face, if they cut out area needs to be larger to show more of your face trim a bit. The eyebrows are simply a oval cut in half. Glue the beard on just on sides, and eyebrows in place.
Glue a black ribbon around the center for his belt, and fill the cup with candy or small toys. Here is a coupon from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft stores to help purchase your supplies. If you end up making some Santa favor cups, I’d love to see them!

Halloween Bunting

I was going to save all this for September (ya know a little closer to Halloween) but my fabric arrived and a few people have purchased it on Spoonflower, so I wanted to post the instructions so anyone who wants to make a Halloween bunting can get it done in plenty of time for Halloween decorating. You can purchase the fabric here. It is designed to be printed on a fat quarter and I ordered my on Kona cotton.
1. Once your fabric arrives cut your triangles out leaving extra white fabric around each triangle (this will be cut off later) Choose a backing fabric, and to make it easiest to sew cut these pieces larger then your bunting triangles (like the photo above on the left). It’s easy to see the design through the wrong side of the fabric, stitch along the design on either side leaving the top open. Trim the sides only (leave the top area long for now) and turn right side out.
2. Once your triangles are all sewn and turned right side out, iron them flat.
3. Now take some double fold bias tape (I used 1/4″ wide in black 4 yards) Open the bias tape up as pictured and pin in place so the edge of the bias tape lines up with the edge of your design.
4. Now stitch along that pinned area, and then cut off the excess fabric.
5. Once stitched in place and the bias tape is folded back around you’ll see how the stitches are all hidden.

6. You can either stitch across all the bunting with black thread once all the bunting are attached, or (as I did) use some fabric glue to adhere the bias tape to the back of each bunting triangle.
You’ll notice there is some silly characters at the bottom of the fabric featuring the same characters. I hate to print up fabric with a strip of white fabric, so I added this for fun. I used mine as stripes on a little storage bag for my bunting. This way while it’s all stitched up in time for Halloween, I can keep it safe and sound in between the holiday.

Cat themed party invitations

cat themed party invitations
My youngest son has a birthday coming up and he is one cat crazy fella, he decided he wanted a cat-themed birthday party so we have been having fun coming up with ideas for it. It’s sneaking up on us quickly so I made up some invitations the other day so we could quickly get them into the mail.

You simply print them on cardstock, cut them out, punch little holes for the brad fasteners and put them together! I found the tiny brads that look like buttons at Michael’s craft store.
Once made you can fold them up and fit them into card sized envelopes.

I made a plain invitation for you if you’d like to use it for a cat party of your own. Download it here These invitations are free for personal use only.

Personal use means non-commercial use of the invitations including copies and print outs for yourself, and to give to friends. The invitations may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration. The invitations may not be used in advertising, and they may not be resold.