Holiday Update!



****I got some more stockings so I have 20 MORE stockings now! Once those are all gone I’ll remove this
The shop update is finally up!! :) :) I am offering a free stocking with all orders of $50 and up (not including shipping) Every stocking is different, they are filled with things like my past plush, plush from various shows I have done, handmade card, candy, etc. I have 20 of these stockings and once they are all gone I will update this post and remove the photo and text. (Sorry for the bad photo—it is so dark and rainy today!)

Pittsburgh PA








My whirlwind trip to Pittsburgh this weekend was a lot of fun. My most favorite thing in Pittsburgh has to be our friends Tracey & Greg (Tracey is one half of the amazing Friend Or Foe plush monster makers)

I made the drive out to Pittsburgh the day of the show, which meant leaving my house at 4am. My craft-show friend extraordinaire Katie was going to come with me for a road trip, but her and her son were sick. Being sick isn’t fun in the first place, but being sick and on a road trip away from pajamas and hot tea? would be no fun at all. I kept myself company by listening to a book on cd by Miranda July that I have had for awhile. I read the book before but couldn’t pass it up when I found the cd set for $1. It made the time go by quickly.

I had some pretty sleepy moments during the show, so if you came by and said hello while I was mid-yawn I’m really sorry about that! At the end of the night I checked into my hotel which was Shadyside Inn and Suites. I got it for a really great price, and it turned out to be a renovated apartment building so my “room” including a living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom! It was pretty much wasted on me since Tracey took me out to dinner for some amazing vegetarian mexican food. Then I came back to my one night apartment rental and crashed. But it is good to know for future stays.

The next morning Tracey picked me up and took me out for breakfast and then to the Phipp’s Conservatory. It was beautiful there, I wanted to take a photo of every plant, flower, and tree. They have a room with orchids, one full of chrysanthemums, another with cacti. I imagine it would be an amazing place to visit in February when the Pennsylvania winter just won’t seem to ever end. They were still in the middle of decorating for holidays. I really loved the plant in the bottom photo (but of course cannot remember the name) it had beautiful green leaves and a back stem. We also saw bananas, lemons, coffee beans, cocoa beans, and kumquats growing. A perfect way to spend the morning.

Then I started the drive home, picked up B from his cousins and got back in the early evening. I cannot wait to see Tom tonight. He had his own trip to Chicago this week/weekend and just landed at the Dulles airport around the same time I was arriving in Pittsburgh on Saturday–so I miss him so much. Lucky for us the next trip we are taking will be together!

***Shop update news I have lots of goodies to photograph and add to the shop, and something extra special for all orders over $50 (cant wait to share that) but it is going to take a little while to photograph and edit everything. So I am planning the update for Monday Nov 21st so I won’t be rushed and miss anything. I’ll make another announcement the day before to remind everyone.

Pittsburgh! This Saturday!

This weekend!


Santa plush


Handmade Arcade is this Saturday in Pittsburgh PA. I am booth #77, please come on out and say hello! I have been working hard this week to finish up all my stuff for my table (sorry the blog has been so quiet) I’ll have Santas, stockings, and ornaments…and well as other non-holiday related stuff. I like the get a jump on holiday shopping myself, so I wanted to bring some of my holiday goods.