Ghost Girl


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Have you heard about the series of books ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley? I got an email a few days ago from Tonya because she wanted to see if I could make her some of my Halloween pillows from last year. We talked back and forth a bit and decided to trade (fun mail!). She’s sending me some ghostgirl goodies and bought the fabric…and I will make the pillows and send her some of my mypaprecrane goodies.

Well in the email exchanges she had mentioned how much she would love a ghost girl plush, and so I thought I would give it a go. It was fun to make! Sewing clothing is not really my forte but I am pretty comfortable with sleeves and dresses. It was the collar that was a bit of work, but I felt like it turned out in the end.

Check out her website to find out more about the books. I am actually working on another project right now that involves another author’s character…it’s kind of exciting. I should be able to post all the details before the end of September.

food imitating art imitating food




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I’ve been meaning to share these awesome confections for awhile now. The cake on top was made by Clockwork Lemon. She based if off my plush version of the cake, but now you can even find a Kidrobot keychain of the cake too. I wish I had a good photo of the plush, but it’s an old one and I had a bad habit of saving really small versions of photos. Anyhow I love how her cake turned out! And marshmellow fondant? I never even knew that existed! Check out her blog, she has some really cool cakes!


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I got an email from Veronica Villa who made these amazing fondant cupcake toppers based off my Kidrobot keychains with her girlfriend. Aren’t they amazing!! And look at the work going into them all. So so good!

Shop Update Monday June 13th



The shop update is planned for Monday! I’ll give you an exact time as it gets a little closer. There will be new prints, terrariums, and plush! It feels like forever since I have been to the post office :)

The kid’s first day of Summer is tomorrow so we have special plans.

Oh and I also made a Spoonflower fabric similar to the big print. I ordered some in the cotton canvas for myself and it arrived today. I am so happy with how it came out! I have plans to make myself a few bags from it for shopping.