November Crafternoon

Just like October, November seems to be flying by in a blur! November’s crafternoon was last weekend. It was a crazy dip party where I provided dip-able items and asked everyone to bring a dip. It was amazing, so many delicious dips and a perfect range from savory to sweet. That photo above with the tables covered in food wasn’t even after all the dips had arrived. I highly recommend throwing a dip party!
We made hand sewn things from wool felt. We had a couple of books and printed patterns for inspiration. I forgot to take a photo of the one I made, I’ll do that this week. But as you can see there was a lot of cute things sewn, and I didn’t even get a photo of all of them. Next month’s crafternoon is already planned, my holiday shop update is in the works (I’ll post some peeks and a set date this week), and I’ll be printing out my advent planner this week to sit down and start planning our advent. Don’t forget that when you buy the planner you get updates (and new content & DIY’s for free automatically) So many thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy so far! I want to see what you do with it so please tag #verymerry on social media websites, or leave me a link in the comments.

L’s Adventure Time Party

My son’s best friend had an Adventure Time party and it was the perfect party theme. Katie came up with all kinds of fun party details. You can see her above posing with some photo props.

She had lots of cute paper toys from Cartoon Network, that you can just print, cut out, fold & glue. The kid’s didn’t have much interest in sitting down and making them, but that means us grow-ups could make as many as we wanted. She had made Lady Rainicorn poop cookies, a Jake cake, and the food was a build your own “everything burrito” bar. The party was actually the last day of Summer vacation for B, so I think he wouldn’t of wanted to spend it any other way.

Blythe Ice Cream Social

My friend Molly threw an amazing Blythe Ice Cream Social last weekend at her house. An afternoon of ice cream (and she had a million topping combinations!), playing with dolls, and good company!
I finally got a chance to change out some of my gal’s eye chips thanks to Jessee for bringing her full sized glue sticks, and guidance on that. You can see the cool eye chips she makes here. Frankie got two new sets of eye chips, and I’ll be adding more.
I finally got a chance to start a reroot with saran hair too, much more tedious then the wool was to work with, but I’m still excited to do it.
It was such a fun afternoon!