Cat Party

cat party
cat party
Yesterday was B’s Cat themed party, and it was a pretty silly event. The cake was a litter box cake (i’m sure you’ve seen these before, but always entertaining!) B isn’t a big cake fan so he wanted a brownie cake. I bought a new tub type dish and cat scoop (which was just for show) and ran them through the dishwasher. Then I made a big pan of brownies. When cool the brownies were turned over into the tub, and frosted with chocolate frosting. Then the litter is made from running some of the vanilla sandwich cookies in the food processor with just a little green food coloring. It really ends up looking like litter! To top if off you heat a few tootsie rolls in the microwave for about ten seconds and shape. Turns out very realistically, and people might be reluctant to eat it. Though once you cut it up and start putting the brownies on plates, it’s a lot easier to stomach.

We made cat shaped pizzas, and had funny names for all the foods like “hair balls” for cheese balls, “catnip dip” for spinach dip etc.
cat party
cat party
cat party
We only played one game because the kids mostly wanted to play out back with a bunch of nerf guns & silly string, which was fine by me. Tom made a bunch of balloon animal cats, and it was mostly lots of us adults sitting around chatting it up.
cat party
cat party
Instead of regular goodie bags I had the idea to use up some canvas totes I had leftover from a previous crafternoon. I scanned a kit-cat clock box for the image and then printed them out two per page onto printable iron on paper. I always pick the one designed for dark fabrics even when ironing onto a light color, because it just seems to be a nicer thicker iron on. Then I ironed one onto each bag, and made a bunch of silly cat pins using vintage images of cats. I figured if the kids got bored at the party they could make a bunch of their own pins, but we never even had to do that. Instead the tote bags worked out well for collecting pinata loot, and storing their prizes from the game.
Even once the actual party was done there was a sleepover with a viewing of The Cat Returns so the cat theme carried on without even meaning to!

Cat themed party invitations

cat themed party invitations
My youngest son has a birthday coming up and he is one cat crazy fella, he decided he wanted a cat-themed birthday party so we have been having fun coming up with ideas for it. It’s sneaking up on us quickly so I made up some invitations the other day so we could quickly get them into the mail.

You simply print them on cardstock, cut them out, punch little holes for the brad fasteners and put them together! I found the tiny brads that look like buttons at Michael’s craft store.
Once made you can fold them up and fit them into card sized envelopes.

I made a plain invitation for you if you’d like to use it for a cat party of your own. Download it here These invitations are free for personal use only.

Personal use means non-commercial use of the invitations including copies and print outs for yourself, and to give to friends. The invitations may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration. The invitations may not be used in advertising, and they may not be resold.

Blythe Tea

This morning I had a really lovely get together with my local Blythe pals. I invited everyone to bring their dolls over for some tea, sweets, Blythe talk, and company. There was some hair removal for re-roots, some faces were sanded, sharing of clothes, etc. It was so much fun–can’t wait for the next meet up!

I made some birthday cake bars (but made some revisions of my own with dandies and sweetened condensed soy milk etc.) and some gluten free double chocolate chip cookies. There was lots of tea, and lots of Blythe dolls! Dolls on the bench belong to me, Jessee, Molly, and Heather. Our friend Lindsey who is interested in getting a Blythe came too, so I gave her a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe to get her started :)