Diamond Hex Quilt progress

I’ve been making slow and steady progress on my diamond hex quilt. You can find the pattern here for $1. Since its hand sewing english paper piecing I work on it most evenings, stitching a hexagon or two a night while my husband paints and we watch tv and movies together. I’m up to 6 rows of 5 hexagons, but I’d like to finish somewhere around 8 rows (maybe 8×7) still trying to decide on that as I go. I am using all Cotton & Steel fabrics for the hexagons themselves, and then any low volume fabrics from my stash for my diamonds. I love the colors of the Cotton & Steel and they all really go so nicely together. I can’t tell you how excited I am about their Halloween collection coming out later this year! I have also run out of blank wall space for tacking quilts up as I work on them. I’m still researching the best way to make a quilt wall & what materials to use when you do not have wall space. I’ll let you know whatever I decide on, but would love to hear from any quilters on the subject.

Diamond-Hex Quilt $1 english paper piecing pattern

Hello! It’s been so long since I blogged, the month of December just went by in a flash. Now we are into January and here in Pennsylvania that means many long cold gray days. In the evenings I like to work on some English Paper Piecing and I am sure you have heard me talk about it many times. If you’ve never tried it here is a great tutorial to get you started. I have been taking a break from another big paper piecing project, and decided I wanted to try and create my own pattern.

I wanted to give the pattern away so other people can stitch away the long winter, but apparently BigCartel will not let you “sell” free items. I even tried getting around it with coupon codes, but no-go. So the pattern is up in my shop for $1. However, if you buy anything in my shop use the code FREE and it will take the $1 off the quilt pattern.
The pattern does not include any instructions, but if you are familiar with english paper piecing it is all pretty self explanatory. I like to print my pieces on card stock with my home printer.
The quilt is made up of two basic shapes, large hexagons and small diamonds. The edges of the quilt are made by half diamonds (and I’ve included shapes for those too so you don’t have to try and cut the diamonds in half yourself) Each hexie measures 7 inches across. I’ve decided to turn mine into a lap quilt that measures 63×63 inches so my quilt will have 9 rows of 9 hexes. I have decided to use colorful Cotton & Steel fabrics for my hexagons and low volume fabrics for my diamonds, but you can come up with any combination of fabric you’d like.
If you decide to make one I would love to see, please use the hashtag #diamondhexquilt on instagram so I can find it.