Halloween Hunting

A few weekends ago Molly and I decided to take a mini road trip to York PA. I kept seeing people post about Halloween items from a store called At Home, and neither of us had ever been. We decided to have a fun day trip hunting for Halloween items and getting some Maple donuts.
I wore orange and black and my lucky little pumpkin necklace for the occasion. This stitch marker turned necklace is a tiny version of my gourd guys that Sweet Cherry Shop sent me a few years ago as a gift. I love it so much!

While the At Home store was big, and did have lots of Halloween items in the end we each only bought one thing. I got a gourd fella who reminds me of something from Nightmare Before Christmas and Molly found a shower curtain. There was also lots of Christmas items we both liked, but the prices were a little more then we wanted to spend.
Here is Molly with a swan we both loved, but it was $40.
The deer were cute vintagey (though I wish they weren’t covered in the glitter stuff) and they were a bit more affordable at $10 each. Still we resisted mostly due to the glitter.
They also had some really cute pots! I loved all the little faces!

Afterwards we headed to Maple donuts for pumpkin spice, maple cream, whoopie pie, fruity pebbles, and all kinds of other amazing flavors!
Here are the items I came away with…the skeleton is from Home Goods, then the gourd with pointy teeth was my At Home find, the next little gourd was also from Home Goods, and the ceramic pumpkin witch I actually found at Walmart a few days beforehand!

Waynesboro’s 1st Annual Wizarding Festival (saturday)

On Saturday we began our day with a Magical high tea at local tea room Tranquilatea. They had floating candles and little HP decorations on the walls. The teas were listed as Professor Snape’s potions, and I went with Ravenclaw (my house blend) featuring chocolate as smooth and dark as a raven’s wing with notes of coconut and macadamia nuts. The food included items like Professor Sprout’s fruit salad, golden snitch scones, pumpkin pastie finger sandwiches, peanut butter chocolate frogs, treacle tarts, mini banoffie pies, and butterbeer bars. It was lots of fun and everything was very tasty!
Afterwards we went walking around downtown. The mainstreet was closed off to cars and there were some fun vendors like brooms & wands.

There was a map and free scavenger hunt where you could visit local businesses to pick up all your items for Hogwarts. Lots of local businesses decorated for the occasion.

There was a free care of magical creatures demo, Gildroy Lockhart book signing, paint parties, a showing of Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone, quidditch, free wand making workshops, a free Nearly Headless Nick’s 524th Deathday Party, magic show, Wizarding Trivia Tournament, and Harry Potter-themed artwork in the downtown galleries.
The website for the festival is here incase you’d like to come next year. I can’t wait for the festival to grow even bigger and better each year.

Waynesboro’s 1st Annual Wizarding Festival (decorating)

This past Friday and Saturday was my town’s first annual Wizarding Festival. A celebration of all things related to the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Before the festival there was a lot of prep that went into getting the ceramic studio ready for the weekend.
My friend Lesley printed out all the Harry Potter fliers and proclamations you see above and we spent one evening hanging them all.

I created floating candles for the front window. You can find the tutorial I followed for those here.
Lesley created a lightening bolt stencil and we used spray chalk to help the bolts lead up to our door since the studio is located about a block off of the main square downtown. This was my first time using spray chalk, and though it is messier then I imagined, it’s really amazing. I can’t wait to try it again for future events at the studio.

When we first found out about the festival we reached out to guild members and asked them to create some magical ceramics to sell in the studio during the event. I cut out gold lightening bolts from paper to hang above the display table. We used some glittery tulle fabric to cover the table and displayed all the items in the center of the room.
We had lots of fun pulling everything together, and I am already excited about the planning for next year’s event. I’ll have more photos soon from all the parts of the festival we attended.