My Graduate…

I know I’ve been a very bad blog poster for the month of June, but with very good reason…my son Kurtis graduated from high school! It’s been a whirlwind of activity around here. We had the graduation ceremonies for both him and his cousin Skyler who also graduated this year.
Then there was graduation parties, and a visit to his college campus. I am not sure if I mentioned it on the blog yet, but Kurtis is going to Penn State. We are so proud of him, and while it feels really far to me (3 hours away) I know it could be a lot further.
We had his new student orientation and got to check out State College PA, we had never been there before. I’m sure Thomas and I will be making many trips that way in the next year (first year students cannot have cars) so I’d love to hear of anything anyone recommends in the area.

Birthday Roadtrip 2013

First I just want to apologize that you might have seen a few of these photos already on instagram. I try to keep my blog filled with my camera photos, and my instagram filled with Iphone photos. On this trip however I didn’t bring my camera because I was bringing along two old beauties loaded with film, and didn’t want to carry around 3 cameras and a phone. So please forgive any “re-runs”.
This weekend was my sister Heather and I’s annual birthday road trip. We try to take a little weekend trip every February to celebrate her turning another year older. We’ve gone to Lancaster PA most years, and this year did the same.
This weekend we…
-shopped for treasure in thrift shops & antique places
-brought our Blythe dolls Francis & Piper (getting ready for Blythcon!)
-Heather ran across a busy road to get her photo with the hay-man
-went on a hunt for birthday cupcakes & they were amazing
-slept in a steamboat
-visited a windmill
-roadside diner breakfasts with blueberry pancakes
-visited Columbia, Lancaster, Hanover, and Ephrata PA
and I can’t wait to do it all again next year…


Yesterday Thomas, B, and I headed out to Pittsburgh Pa to spend the day & evening with some of our favorite people. We first met up with my friend Tracey and her daughter at Mad Mex for lunch. The drive to Pittsburgh is just about 3 hours from our house. It’s quite beautiful at times (if not anxiety inducing) since we drive over & through the Allegheny Mountains. Luckily for me Tom drove ;)

This is my second time at Mad Mex’s they have a great selection of vegetarian & vegan (daiya cheese and sour cream too) so it was great. I think the thing Tom had the hardest time with was narrowing down his lunch choice, because they have so many options. Afterwards we stopped in Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee Co. and had ice-cream/shakes. I had a birthday cake ice cream with lucky charms swirled inside. You can pick soy or milk based and then they had a huge wall of mix-in choices from gingersnaps to balsamic vinegar. Very fun, and their door handles are big ice cream scoops.

Next we headed over to Construction Junction, which is where Handmade Arcade was held the first couple of years. I’ve always wanted to go back and shop around, but this was the first time we actually did it. We bought a beautiful aqua colored sink for our downstairs bathroom for $10. We have needed a new sink for awhile (for purely superficial reasons because ours cracked when a painting fell) So I am excited for us to figure out how to swap the sinks out. It will be a DIY adventure for sure, and I am a quite certain youtube videos will come in handy.
Then we headed to the Carnegie Museum Of Natural History to spend a few hours exploring. They had a room with a wall of jarred specimens and then of course a photo-op where you could put your own head in a jar, how could I resist? We finally had to say goodbye to Tracey and her daughter to go meet up with our friend Adam who had just bought a house in Pittsburgh.

We drove over to his new house, which is really lovely..we are so happy for him! Then he took us out to The Double Wide grill for dinner. I could not resist the “build your own tv dinner” which comes out on a big silver tray. They have lots of great vegetarian & vegan options too. I had the salad, marinated portobello mushroom, snap peas, garlic mashed potatoes, and shoestring fries. Lots of potatoes I know, but I felt a little overwhelmed when it came time to order haha. Tom got the seitan BBQ sandwich and Adam had a seitan-something or another, it was after 9:30pm when we ate so it’s kind of a blur of hunger. We reluctantly dropped Adam back off at his house around 11pm and started the drive back home. I really love Pittsburgh as a city and can’t wait to go back again (minus the scary drive through the mountains-that is ;)