Plush Of The Month Club June (Quarter 2 2018)

The idea for the Summer Plush Of The Month Club box came to me as I thought about Summer reading, and book clubs. I decided on a plush book of fairy tales and my first step was to design the cover and order a few variations until I found one I was happiest with. I chose a striped flannel fabric for the inner book to mimic the book pages, and the covers I had printed on fleece with Spoonflower.
For the add-ins the candy was a easy choice, book-worms in the form of gummi worms. I created and had bookplates printed to match the plush books, and then the whole thing was wrapped up and topped with a vintage library card. These were really fun to have come together.

Plush Of The Month Club Quarter One 2018

The first plush of the month box to ship this year went out March 1st. For a long time I had wanted to create a spaghetti and meatball plush, but went back and forth about how I could do the noodles. One day it hit me that I could make cartoon like noodles like a spaghetti drawing I had made and have it printed with Spoonflower on their fleece fabric. I didn’t get a good photo of the add-ins this time, but they included a mini fork necklace, and a heirloom tomato air freshener that really smelled like a tomato plant! Since there was an air freshener in this box I decided not to include any kind of candy.

Plush Of The Month Quarter 4 of 2017

I realized looking back that I have missed posting about several plush of the month boxes, and will attempt to play catch up on those this month. To start with I need to post about boxes shipped Dec. 1st of 2017. This is the winter holiday box and always a fun one to come up with.

I decided that a holiday movie on a vintage television set might be just the thing. I created the fabric for the set and ordered it on Spoonflower. Boxes came with buttered popcorn flavored taffy packaged in vintage popcorn bags, and a little paper tv dinner DIY to complete the box.