May’s Plush Of The Month Club Boxes

Plush of the month for May was a silly one, sad crying plush toilet plungers. If you were a plunger and your job was to plunge toilets-you’d be crying too. I found some amazing smiling poop gummy candy from Japan and was off on a search to find it (took me several months actually) so this plush sat on the back burner in my mind until I was finally able to source that candy. Some times POM club is funny like that. I’ll have ideas but need time to find or create just the perfect add-ins.
This box also came with little plush toilets that are filled with sour candy that you dip a little plunger lollipop into. All the candy came inside a little tote bag with a toilet paper roll friend on the front, and a toilet pin-back.

April’s Plush Of The Month Club

Plush Of The Month Club boxes for April contained plush rain clouds (April showers bring May flowers) and all that. We’ve actually been getting a ton of rain this May and I am ready for a break!
The boxes came with notepads I had printed, and flower scented gum. I thought the gum would hint at the May flowers. I was really terrible about getting photos of this months, so I made sure to take lots of in progress photos for the May boxes.