At this year’s Salvation Army sale I found these beautiful hand quilted pieces. A few of them are sewn end to end, and some are just loose. They are each missing a center piece so I haven’t decided how I want to finish the quilt. First I need to hand wash it and then iron all the pieces to get a better look, but they were too beautiful to leave behind.
Mostly I just like taking them out and looking at all the lovely fabrics :)

B’s quilt

One day while laying against one of the quilted pillow covers B said that he wanted me to make him a quilt. I loved that he asked for one and wanted to make it a reality, but the truth is I don’t think I have ever finished a whole quilt in my life. I’m still chugging along on my hex quilt, which will be finished “someday”…but didn’t want B’s quilt to sit around unfinished forever.

I think some of the reasons I do not usually make quilts are I don’t like to pin, I’m not a precise cutter, and I get bored with projects that go on for days. So with B’s quilt I decided to keep it simple, use only fabrics I already owned, make it big without being too big, and not to stress about things being “perfect”.

I was able to finish most of it while he was at school Friday, and then quilted and made the binding Friday night after he was in bed. I will say the quilt felt huge when I was machine quilting it, but isn’t all that large in person….funny how large something can seem when pushing it through the sewing machine opening :)

He says he loves it and it is big enough for him since he is still a little guy. I made my own bias tape for the edging, and that went pretty smoothly. I always get hung up when it comes to cutting the right sized strips. I had a little trouble figuring out what size to cut my strips, but got it in the end.

There is also a photo of the third pillow cover that I made. Feels so great to be using up so much of my quilting fabric. I really don’t use a lot of quilting fabrics for the things I make and sell, but cannot help collecting them. I still have one more large pillow cover to make, and then two smaller pillows to cover too.

Today we have some fun Saturday stuff planned and then I will be in the studio packing up orders all evening, but thank you for that! :)

Our Summer’s End

Today is our last day of Summer here at the Kenney house. The kids return to school tomorrow, and I will suddenly have a very different schedule. We didn’t do anything thrilling today, just one last Summer day for milling about. I picked up my oldest from a sleepover, I planned meals for the next week, we went grocery shopping and baked muffins for lunch packing. I laid my hexes from the Summer out on my bed to get an idea of how many more I will need for a proper bed quilt, we checked on all the sunflowers in the yard, packed lunches, double checked backpacks, and all that good stuff. It has definitely been a fun Summer, but I am looking forward to Fall my very most favorite time of year.