Paper Piecing

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Have you guys tried paper piecing? You basically sew your quilt pieces onto a paper template (meaning no cutting small blocks and trying to line them up!) I am so excited about it….

If your a paper piecing expert I’d love to hear about your favorite templates, websites, blogs!

DIY hot pads






This part might seem confusing but your just quilting the hot pad. Start right in the center of your fabric and stitch a line (about one inch). With your needle down in the fabric lift your presser foot and turn your fabric (put your presser foot back down) and sew another line. Again stop and turn your fabric each time your line of stitches will be getting a little longer as you make your way from the middle to outer area of the hot pad. This does not need to be perfect, it is fine if the spaces between your lines are not exact.








And stitch the pinned strips all in place.


english paper piecing

I have this little folder on my computer called “weekends with Katie” it was her idea that I start saving projects, places to go, baking, and general things I’d like to share with her. We like to get crafty together and some times we are sitting there thinking “what was that project we talked about?”. Well one of the things I had in this folder was english paper piecing.

Well I couldn’t stand the wait any longer (sorry Katie) and had to just try it. It was one of those things you keep thinking about, and longing to do. I have to say I love it! The only thing I do differently from the instructions is I only stitch on the back fabric, not through the front. I think these are so beautiful. I also like that it is the perfect work for sitting and chatting with someone. There is no loud sewing machine, its a very sociable craft.

I’m just planning to use all my scraps and see what I come up with. For now I am enjoying the little piles of hexagons. They make very pretty stacks.

I will actually have another blog entry later today with a giveaway. Remember the Spoonflower fabric I had ordered, well it is all here. I am going to be giving away some, and then selling a few fat quarters in my webshop on the 1st.