A quilted bag..

If you follow me on Instagram you may already know that my sister had a lot of medical issues during her pregnancy. It wasn’t anything that had any effect on the baby thankfully, but Heather had a lot of scares involving her heart. At one point she was air lifted via a helicopter from our emergency room to Hershey and that was very scary indeed. Luckily she is doing great now, though did end up spending about two weeks at Hershey medical center before she was induced. During this time she was very bored, and I wanted to make a little something to cheer her up when I visited.
I decided to sew a little quilted bag, its like a simplified mini version of a maker tote (a patter I own and loved making a bag from) I made a little quilted front and then filled it with some bath products I hoped would cheer her up.

I brought her some candy that has always been a favorite of ours, and some books I’ve read recently that I thought she would enjoy. UnSouled from the Unwind Dystology that I knew she had not yet read, Fangirl (I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about all these two books on my blog in the past), and The Language of Flowers which I read recently and really loved. It’s a novel about an orphan who has just turned 18 and is leaving the foster care system. The book switches between her life now, and flashbacks of growing up. It explains how she learned about the Victorian meanings behind flowers, and has me obsessed now with pressing flowers to create a flower dictionary of my own. I really need to do a new post about books I’ve read this Summer because there are quite a few I really have loved, and can’t stop thinking about.

La Passacaglia Quilt

I have been working on a la passacaglia quilt from the book Millefiori Quilts for quite some time now. I had taken a break from it to instead hand sew on my Diamond Hex quilt, and a big reason was lack of space to spread my big quilt out and see where I need to hand stitch the next section to.

I am hoping to solve this problem soon with a quilt wall which I ordered from Massdrop. If you’ve never heard of Massdrop it is an online community for enthusiasts that provides people across several communities—from audio and electronics to quilting and cooking—a place to connect with one another, discuss their favorite products and activities, and buy those products together. Since you are buying something with a bunch of other people, you get lower prices. I love the quilting section, and cannot wait for my quilt wall to arrive! Then I feel like I’ll finally have an area that I can figure out where each cog goes.

Halloween Quilt

I’ve been slowly working on a Halloween quilt. My friend Jessee came up with a coffin dresden pattern and since I could not leave well enough alone I had to try and use paper piecing to create little windows in the coffins. She now has included my little hack with her pattern incase you’d like to make occupied coffins too. Hopefully I’ll get my quilt finished before Halloween!