Road Tripping

Road trips mean road food, and of course when we are down south we have to stop in to a Krispy Kreme! We don’t have any of the storefronts around where we live, so we get excited about watching the donuts come of the conveyer belts. I picked up one of their birthday mugs and tin of donuts for us all.

Once in South Carolina we went to Mitchelville beach with my parents. When the tide is out it is the best for finding shells and watching the wild life. You have to walk out so far to get to the water, its wonderful! We saw horseshoe crabs, millions of little sand crabs. You can also find huge amazing shells..but most of them have little creatures inside so you can’t keep them, but I always think it’s kind of fun to check.

We saw a lot of great neon signs on the road, I think’s its funny when restaurants have cute cartoon versions of the animals they serve…poor little joe! My other favorite pig is of course the Piggly Wiggly mascot. I was excited that they had coffee mugs this time.
On the drive back home we had to stop in to South Of The Border. It was getting dark so all the great neon signs were on. Our favorite thing though was a little mine craft creeper someone had attached to one of the buildings. B said it just made his night! It was a crazy fun road trip though, lots of hotels (and swimming in the hotel pools!!) Lucky for me Heather did all the highway driving (I had made a deal that I would rent the car if she did the driving, I think I lucked out)

Thrifting Thursday – Road Trip Thrift Shopping

Last week I left on a six day road trip with my sister Heather. She had asked me months ago to take a trip with her to Savannah GA because her son wanted to visit SCAD. He’ll be a senior next year like K, so we’ve got college visits in the works (I cannot believe this is happening!) She really wanted to drive so we could stop places along the way, so we rented a SUV and headed out. Her, her oldest son, and my two boys.

We had mapped out some thrift shopping along the way. The only really hard part about this is you never know what the thrift shops are going to be like. We did make a stop in Staunton VA because it was right off of 81 south. We stumbled across Wright’s Drive In, which I remembered seeing in Jenny Frecklewonder’s instagram. It is the cutest drive-in! You can go inside and sit and order from a phone at your table (which is what we did) and the kid’s meals come in a little cardboard car.

We also checked out the antique shop downtown that Jenny sells her goods at, its a beautiful shop and worth checking out for sure! The photo at the very top is from the antique shop.
The day we left on the trip happened to be 7/11 also known as free slurpee day. We could of really taken advantage of this on the drive, but we only stopped at one haha.
Besides thrift shops we had to make some roadside america stops, like this beautiful coffee pot shaped building outside of Buena Vista VA. It used to be a fish market, but it closed now. I’d love to live in a house shaped like something else!
So back to the thrifting—I think I broke every “thrift while traveling” rule, most of what I bought was glass (luckily nothing broke), I also bought a record even though the temperature got pretty high on our trip, and I bought a paper item that could of become bent. Luckily everything survived! Besides thrift shops, we also stopped to see my parents who live in South Carolina and spent some time at the beach. I have a few more photos to share tomorrow.