Halloween Hunting

A few weekends ago Molly and I decided to take a mini road trip to York PA. I kept seeing people post about Halloween items from a store called At Home, and neither of us had ever been. We decided to have a fun day trip hunting for Halloween items and getting some Maple donuts.
I wore orange and black and my lucky little pumpkin necklace for the occasion. This stitch marker turned necklace is a tiny version of my gourd guys that Sweet Cherry Shop sent me a few years ago as a gift. I love it so much!

While the At Home store was big, and did have lots of Halloween items in the end we each only bought one thing. I got a gourd fella who reminds me of something from Nightmare Before Christmas and Molly found a shower curtain. There was also lots of Christmas items we both liked, but the prices were a little more then we wanted to spend.
Here is Molly with a swan we both loved, but it was $40.
The deer were cute vintagey (though I wish they weren’t covered in the glitter stuff) and they were a bit more affordable at $10 each. Still we resisted mostly due to the glitter.
They also had some really cute pots! I loved all the little faces!

Afterwards we headed to Maple donuts for pumpkin spice, maple cream, whoopie pie, fruity pebbles, and all kinds of other amazing flavors!
Here are the items I came away with…the skeleton is from Home Goods, then the gourd with pointy teeth was my At Home find, the next little gourd was also from Home Goods, and the ceramic pumpkin witch I actually found at Walmart a few days beforehand!

Ocean City Maryland

In the middle of July we took a trip to Ocean City Maryland for a few days. My favorite parts of Ocean City are all the old nostalgic goodies like the Haunted House ride, the signage etc. We played Skee-ball in every arcade, went to see the wild ponies on Assateague Island, and ate Thrasher’s fries. Tom found that perfect shell in the ocean within ten minutes of us walking down along the waves. The only other shells we found the rest of the trip were small or broken. Though OC is not known for having lots of shells, so it was to be expected.
Im glad we were able to squeeze in a trip to the ocean this Summer, even if it is always so much colder then you think its going to be!


At the end of June I took a fun two day trip to New York city with Molly. She had received tickets to Mark Ryden’s ballet Whipped Cream, and asked if I wanted to go with her. The ballet was beautiful and everything you’d expect. The costumes, the back drops, it was all so lovely. You are not allowed to take photos during the show, so the two here are just images from the promo material, but do yourself a favor and google for more photos!

Some of the places we visited while in the city…
Taiyaki-fun ice cream inside a fish shaped cone…mine was the black sesame/matcha swirl and molly had the unicorn cone which was filled with red bean paste.
On our way to get ice cream here we also came across Wu Kong. They serve magical looking ice cream cones surrounded by cotton candy!
New KamMan-Three floors, the top floor has lots of toys and bath products. The ground floor is food with a nice candy selection, and the basement level has a lot of houseware goods.
Kinokuniya– We spent a few hours here looking through all the beautiful craft books. They have such a fun kid book section too-the only bummer being that the kids books are all wrapped in plastic so you can’t look inside. They had quite a few Moomin books and in the past I’ve gotten a magazine that had a free Moomin bag attached.
Pearl River Mart-It was fun to shop in the store since we have both made online purchases in the past. This shop is apparently smaller then their previous location but while we were there they had opened up a lower level that seemed like they were just starting to fill up with goods.
We stayed at The Watson Hotel, which made for a perfect walk to and from the Metropolitan Opera House (which is so beautiful!)
We had lunch the first day on our walk to the hotel to check in at Melt.
We took the amtrak train from Harrisburg, my most favorite way to travel to NYC. It was a fun quick trip with really nice weather. We did have a quick bit of rain the second evening, but it didn’t last very long and we just sat in Little Italy with some coffee & tea until it passed.
If you have any favorite places in NYC to share I always love to hear!