Back To School

My boys are heading back to school this morning. My oldest son is starting his senior year of high school. I can’t tell you how hard this is still for me to believe. My youngest son is starting the fourth grade (also pretty mind blowing, it feels like we just went in for his first day of kindergarden)
My boys are both packers and both pretty opposite in tastes. My older son is vegetarian and will eat just about anything. He likes things in his lunch like asian noodles, lots of fruit, raw veggies, sandwiches, etc. He is so easy to pack for. My youngest on the other hand eats chicken & tuna, and is a super picky eater. He is a bit more of a challenge. He gets bored with the same food so I feel like I am constantly trying to keep it new and fresh, plus I feel school lunch is good for trying new foods because he is more likely to eat them when he’s very hungry.
All that being said by the last few months of school I am over the whole “packing lunch” situation. This year to make it a little easier on all of us I created a lunch idea cheat sheet that works for my kids. You can print it out and add to it, I think it might be helpful for lunch packers of all ages.